New David Kassan Painting & Early Viewings of John Evans Show


 Early Viewings Starting TODAY for John Evans “Aquatic Gardens”

I am pleased to offer preview viewings of the paintings for John Evans’s solo exhibition opening on March 22.  The new Aquatic Garden paintings are available for viewing in the Gallery for pre-opening collection.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

John Evans, SKY IN MY POOL, Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 60″
Exhibition: March 22nd – April 14th

Click here to email me for more images by Evans


 New David Kassan Painting

In anticipation of David’s upcoming September solo exhibtion,
our current group show features a new painting by David Kassan.



David Kassan, RUST, Oil on Panel, 16″ x 25″

Click here to email me for pricing information and more images by Kassan


Special Preview of JOHN EVANS Exhibition Brochure

featuring an essay by Art Critic Gerard Haggerty 

With just 2 weeks until the opening of John Evans’ solo exhibition, I am pleased to offer you a sneak preview of the exhibition brochure for AQUATIC GARDENS.  The show will run from March 22 to April 14. 

– John Evans AQUATIC GARDENS – Exhibition Brochure 

The paintings are the culmination of the artist’s studies over the past twenty-four months of botanic gardens in New Orleans, Palm Beach, and Coastal Maine.  In them Evans has discovered a landscape that is intricately manicured yet profoundly natural, and a subject that is a wonderful union of man and nature.

John Evans, WATCHING THE STARS, Oil/CAnvas 48

John Evans, WATCHING THE STARS, Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 60″
Exhibition: March 22nd – April 14th

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A New Painting by Sharon Sprung

Sharon Sprung has enjoyed a year of exhibitions, portrait commissions, and press, all the while she has been building a new body of work for a show in 2013.  Her newest painting is a great treat.  Below, it is seen with a new Aquatic Garden painting by John Evans. His forthcoming show opens Thursday, March 22nd from 6- 8pm. 

Click here to email me for more images by Evans or to ensure you receive the brochure.

John Evans
Oil on Canvas
40″ x 96″
Exhibition: March 22nd – April 14th

Sharon Sprung
Oil on Panel
Diptych – 50″ x 30″ each panel

ss_Sprung_Silk Taffeta

S U N G H E E   J A N G         
February 23rd – March 17th

SUNGHEE 2012 Press

Jang - Bloomingdales

Gallery Henoch is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of SungHee Jang.  SungHee received her MFA from The School of Visual Arts in 2007 and has exhibited her work throughout the United States as well as in her native country, South Korea.   


Jang - PV 

 SungHee strives to decode the relationship between materiality and “nothingness” through the use of light and reflection.  The artist depicts scenes of highly polished architectural elements in which floors and walls seemingly implode to reveal vast empty spaces.  Vividly hued and bright white reflections appear amorphous and ethereal in contrast to the rigid structural elements. Paradoxically, it is within the voided spaces that we find the most substance.  These washed-out planes assume an emotional presence and psychological weight that demand our attention.


SungHee further captures the ethereal quality of light through her use of p erspective.  These scenes of interiors, often depicted from below, are not unfamiliar.  And yet they possess a certain uncanny quality that would otherwise go unnoticed.  The sun’s glare, for example, filtered through the shape of the unseen windowpanes in Gallery Room, transforms to exaggerated proportions when seen from a low angle.  The light seems to distort the space around it, adding another dimension to the room.  SungHee imbues this “nothingness” with character and meaning that nevertheless remains gracefully ambiguous and true to its immaterial nature.




 Top: BLOOMINGDALE’S, oil on linen, 44″  x 57 1/4″

 Middle: PV, oil on linen, 76 1/2″ x 51″

 Below: GALLERY ROOM, oil on linen, 39 1/2″ x 78 3/4″ 


Jang- Gallery Room



Andrew Liss
Gallery Henoch

G A L L E R Y    H E N O C H
   5 5 5  W e s t      2 5 th  S t r e e t
N e w   Y o r k     N Y  1 0 0 0 1   
9 1 7 .  3 0 5 .  0 0 0 3



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