Kohei Yamashita “At a mountain hut”

Kohei Yamashita Exhibition
At a mountain hut

May.10 fri – Jun.1 sat 2013

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY is pleased to announce “At a mountain hut”, the solo exhibition by Kohei Yamashita.
He was born in Ibaraki prefecture in 1983, who has taken a master’s degree in Concept and Media Planning at Kyoto City University of Arts.
Since he was in the school, he has executed installation works that makes deconstruction of universal theme “Distance” and “Scale”
by using his individual basis motifs like “Mountaineering” and “Astronomy”.

In his early exhibition Moon song (2007 at KCUA) and Night Watching ( 2009 at Antenna AAS/ Kyoto, Duo exhibition with Yoshitaka Yazu),
he has totally transformed exhibition space by elaborate construction. And he commanded considerable attention by his solo project at Art Osaka 2011,
he put objects on the rooftop of a building and watching them with a telescope from over a 200 meter distance from a specified hotel room on the 26th floor.

At the coming exhibition, Yamashita he tries to not use his practiced way, advance preparations and execution, but takes new approach that focused on
the resemblance between “a mountain hut” and “a box” and sets it as a first step of creation and makes something come out through its process.

“Now, I am executing a new project, without any basis and conviction.
Words, images and shapes come to my mind one after another, but I can not connect them each other. Before I know it, I am with too many boxes.

These rectangular structures are all empty. They might be opposite of a hut on the mountain.
I am really looking forward to seeing how these scattered words, images and shapes come tobe connected in the exhibition space.” Kohei Yamashita


Past works

Night watching / Antenna AAS, Kyoto 2009

"mountain" /「out of place」Daikakuji Temple, Kyoto 2009

"Apollo" /「moon」 Art Osaka 2011

Kohei Yamashita Exhibition / At a mountain hut

May.10 fri – Jun.1 sat 2013
CLOSED : Sun. Mon
OPENING RECEPTION : May.10 fri 18:00-

Contact: Kazu Miyashita/ Assistant director


Yamazaki Bldg. 2F
Minami-horie, Nishi-ku
Osaka 550-0015 JAPAN
info@tezukayama-g .com

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