Klughaus presents Palingenesis feat. Gorey & PAL (Horfe, Cony, Tomek, & more)

Klughaus presents "Palingenesis" a pop-up exhibition featuring Gorey & Paris’ PAL Crew (Horfe, Cony, Tomek, etc.) 154 Stanton St. in the LES. I
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Klughaus, in collaboration with LRG and Brisk, are excited to announce PALINGENESIS, a special pop-up exhibit in New York City’s Lower East Side featuring Gorey and Paris’ prolific PAL (Peace and Love) Crew. The group exhibition features a roster of internationally-renowned artists including GOREY, HORFE, CONY, TOMEK, SAEYO, MOSA, ESSO and SKUB.

One of the most prominent graffiti crews in Paris, PAL is united by its members’ shared love of creative expression. With GOREY as a forefather, PAL has developed a unique movement and style of graffiti that is completely its own. While there is a complicated, yet fascinating line between graffiti and fine art, the collective has made a seamless transition into the art world in a tasteful way that does not categorize the work as simply "graffiti," yet sustains the collective’s distinct styles and energy within a gallery setting.

The PALINGENESIS exhibition will showcase the collective’s debut in the United States as well as its artistic re-birth as evolving fine artists. Gorey & PAL’s incorporation of fine art elements into their work on the streets is pushing the concept of graffiti in a new and refreshing direction and we are thrilled to collaborate on their stateside debut.

The exhibit will be on display through May 19, 2013
Click here to view the full press release and learn more about the artists
Click on the image below to check out the promo video that we filmed w/ Gorey:
Klughaus is collaborating with Carnage NYC on a limited edition Gorey zine ($20) to be released at the opening on May 11, 2013. The first 30 customers to purchase a Gorey x Carnage zine will also receive a complimentary Klughaus gift bag featuring goodies from Ironlak, Frank 151, LRG, and much more! We will also have limited edition zines from Cony, Horfe and Tomek on a first come, first serve basis. We would highly recommend that you arrive early if you want to pick these up!
Check out the NYC production by Gorey, Horfe, Tomek, Esso and Skub in the Lower East Side right off the Manhattan Bridge (Delancey and Attorney.) Click here or on the image below to see more photos!
Below are some previews of pieces in the show:
The opening is sponsored by LRG, Brisk, Ironlak, Juxtapoz, Hennessy, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
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