Award-winning Toronto artists showcase new works: ‘Preservation’/’Quidditas’ opens May 15 at Leonardo Galleries, Toronto



Award-winning Toronto artists showcase new works: Sculptor Brett Davis displays his series in bronze titled ‘Preservation’, and Andrew Charyna exhibits still life paintings titled ‘Quidditas’ – opening reception May 15 at Leonardo Galleries, Toronto

Toronto, ON, May 8, 2013 – Award-winning Toronto sculptor Brett Davis shows new sculpture series in bronze titled ‘Preservation’, and award-winning Toronto painter Andrew Charyna exhibits new still life series titled ‘Quidditas’. The exhibit begins Wednesday, May 15 with a public opening reception (6:30 to 8:30 p.m.) and runs to June 8, 2013 at Leonardo Galleries, Toronto (112 Scollard St., Yorkville).

Brett Davis, winner of the 2005 Ontario Heritage Achievement Award and 2007 Certificate of Recognition, Province of Ontario-Buxton Liberty Bell Project, states, “This unique body of works, evoke a modernistic approach to classical sculpture, encompassing archaeology, conservation, ancient bronze casting techniques, and the replication of the patinas found on actual bronze and terra cotta artefacts recovered from areas of the Mediterranean dating back thousands of years.”

Davis has studied ancient and historical patinas (particularly that of the ancient Greeks and Romans) for more than 25 years; practicing in the art of chemical patination, which has gained him an international reputation as a metal conservator.

Andrew Charyna, a two-time award winner at the Society of Canadian Artistsannual Open Juried Art Exhibition, states, “The paintings consist of an understated, symbolic narrative, at times echoing surrealism. This is achieved through traditional painting techniques, usually oil. Although forthright, I hope they expand beyond the bounds of their appearance and not just what meets the eye. After all, these paintings first and foremost represent who I am.”

Charyna currently paints figures, portraits and still life compositions. His paintings propose an element of disquiet; they are enigmatic, mysterious and powerfully enticing. A Toronto resident since 1969, Andrew Charyna was born in Germany and at the age of six his family moved to New York City, where his interest in art was mentored by his grandfather (well-known painter Petro Cholodny the Younger).

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Toronto-born Brett Davis has worked in all facets of bronze sculpture, including welding, fabricating, chasing and fountain design. Davis is a member of The Sculptors Society of Canada and The Royal British Society of Sculptors. Through extensive public and private sector commissions, he has worked with many prominent firms. He has participated in many exhibitions, competitions and symposiums throughout Canada, Viet Nam and China.

Charyna has participated in numerous exhibitions in Toronto and New York. In 1982 he took part in an exhibit of the Cholodny family at the Gallery of the Ukrainian Artists Association in New York and again in 2001, also in New York, he participated in the exhibit titled ‘Three Generations of Cholodny Artists’. In 1994 and 1999 he received Best of Show award at the Artfest at Etobicoke City Hall, Toronto.

Leonardo Galleries (a member of the Yorkville Art Galleries Collective), Toronto is devoted to the promotion of contemporary art. The gallery represents local and international artists and has a significant collection of works of art in painting, print-media, sculpture and photography. Leonardo Galleries also specializes in conservation framing and expert art restoration.


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