Tickets Now On Sale! Subtle Technologies Festival 2013: June 7-9

Explore the Art and Science of IMMORTALITY


This year we explore the art and science of Immortality. Through presentations, panels, a workshop, exhibition and screening, we investigate ways in which artists explore archiving memories; scientific techniques for bringing extinct animals back to life; our search for extending youth; ancient landscape as sonic memory; vampires in pop culture and much more!

To see the full festival schedule and to purchase tickets, visit our website.


2-Day Pass Regular – $60
2-Day Pass Student/Unwaged – $30
*includes the Symposium and Film Screening

Day Pass Regular – $40
Day Pass Student/Unwaged – $20
*valid for June 8 or 9 for events between 10am and 5pm

Half-Day Pass Regular – $20
Half-Day Pass Student/Unwaged – $10
*valid on June 8 or 9 for the morning session (10am-12:30pm) or the afternoon session (2pm-5pm)

Film Screening Regular – $15
Film Screening Student/Unwaged – $10

(For the full schedule, click here)

Friday, June 7 | 7:00pm – 10:00pm | Beaver Hall Gallery
Exhibition: The Beyond Category / Opening Party

The Beyond Category muses on surpassing the thresholds that define our mortal existence. What are the criteria for being in a beyond? Imagining the self as medium; its expression travels to the shores of forever…

Featuring artworks by David Khang, Scott Kildall / Nathaniel Sterne, John Paul Robinson and Alan Sondheim
Curated by Willy LeMaitre

On view at the Beaver Hall Gallery from June 7 – 16

Saturday, June 8 | 10am – 5pm | Ryerson University
Symposium Day 1

  • John Paul Robinson: The Amber Archive
  • Line Dezaindre: Les ateliers Angus: individual and collective memory in the digital age
  • Atanas Bozdarov & Johny Bozdarov: DNA "Mating Call"
  • Scott Kildall: Tweets in Space
  • Hendrik Poinar: DNA from Fossils, Time Travel and De-Extinction
  • Britt Wray: Undoing Forever: A live radio documentary presentation about bringing extinct species back from the dead
  • Panel: Non Western Ideas of Immortality

Saturday, June 8 | 7:30PM – 10:00PM | OCAD University
Film Screening of The Singularity + Presentation & Panel Discussion

The Singularity is defined as the point in time when computer intelligence exceeds human intelligence. This notion of superhuman machines has long served as fodder for tales of science fiction. Yet most scientific leaders argue that these changes are inevitable, based on the accelerating rate of technological progress. Ultimately, if we become more machine-like, and machines more like us, will we sacrifice our humanity to gain something greater? Or will we engineer our own demise? THE SINGULARITY is a comprehensive and insightful documentary that asks the question: what kind of humans do we want to become?

Presentation by Randal A. Koene: Neural Interfaces, Neuroprostheses and Whole Brain Emulation
Panel Discussion with filmmaker, Doug Wolens, Randal A. Koene and Trevor Haldenby. Moderated by Greg Van Alstyne

This film screening event is presented in collaboration with sLab at OCADU.

Sunday, June 9 | 10:30am – 5:00pm | Ryerson University
Symposium Day 2

  • Ryan Jordan: retro-death-telegraphy
  • Alan Sondheim: Digital and Physical Collapse
  • Scott Menary: Born in the Big Bang – Neutrinos – The Ultimate Immortals
  • David Khang: Amelogenesis Imperfecta / Beautox Me!
  • Don Hill: sound landscape memory
  • Myriam Nafte: Trophies and Talismans: The Traffic of Human Remains
  • Veronica Hollinger: "We Will Be Different": Some Notes on Science Fiction and Immortality


Thursday, June 6 | 6:00pm to 10:00pm | InterAccess
Pre-Festival Workshop retro-death-telegraphy with Ryan Jordan

retro-death-telegraphy is an experimental workshop where participants will explore and build a range of devices which have at some point been believed to have the potential to aid in communication with the afterlife. For more info:

This workshop is presented in collaboration with InterAccess.

To purchase tickets:

Regular – $55
InterAccess Members – $45
*This is a small workshop with limited spots available.

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Get Involved!


Support Subtle Technologies by joining our amazing volunteer team at this year’s festival! A great way to meet new people and take part in the festival’s behind-the-scenes action.
Volunteers receive a complimentary all-access pass to festival events!
To find out more, contact us.

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