Final week of Michael Adamson & June Group Show

Michael Adamson & The Summer Group Show
Only two Saturdays remain to see Michael Adamson’s Wolf Pavilion. In this show Adamson has taken the techniques developed and mastered over the previous 11 exhibitions at Moore Gallery and constructed canvases that explore order, exaggeration and chaos. The colourful swaths of impasto leap off the canvas and blur the line between painting and sculpture. This is certainly Adamson’s greatest achievement to date.The exhibition closes Saturday May 25th at 5pm.
School Of Fishes, oil on canvas, 54″ x 74″
Michael Adamson
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Summer Group Show
Beginning June 1st, Moore Gallery’s Summer Group Show highlights the talented and diverse collection of artist represented by the gallery. This is a great opportunity for new and established collectors to fall in love with one of the hundreds of works of art always in stock at Moore Gallery. We are happy to show you more pieces by any of the artists you see during the show.
Chorado, photo-lithograph, 1973, 24″ x 24″
Michael Snow
Color Rain, acrylic on canvas,36″ x 24″
Dan Solomon
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