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Monday May 20, 2013

Comment of the Week

Apophrades of the cliché? Not taught in school. Growing sophistication.? No salons being held in North Texas, anywhere. Vernon Fisher buys some of your work and it ends up in his Whitney Biennial show? Not a peep from his colleagues. Bad advice from an academic? That is itself a cliché? The University Discourse ala Lacan. Priceless. Carry on. Nothing to see down here on the Glasstire plantation. – Emil Lime on "The Ten List: Things Not to Paint"

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Cinemarfa, Part II: The Films

Article image

Peter Lucas critiques those odd, square projections out in the Trans-Pecos.

The festival’s programmers don’t pay too much attention to categories, or explain much about their curatorial conceits. Rather, they set in motion a smart selection of stuff and let the experience unfold organically—a good thing in my book.

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Exploring Latino Identities: Carlos Rosales-Silva

Article image

Lauren Moya ford begins a new series on Latino identities with artist and OK Mountain co-founder Carlos Rosales-Silva.

I am a fairly dark-skinned individual with a healthy beard that dresses like a wild ass, but I feel like those facts are a total product of my interests and choices in how I present myself, which is a form of performance, but more a form of being myself: dark, loud, and proud.

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Sally Glass: Dallas’ Semigloss

Article image

Leslie Castro Chats with Sally Glass of Dallas’ semigloss magazine.

I felt there was just so much work and activity and DIY energy that deserved to be documented, if not for posterity, then for the furthering of our creative culture. Of course there are already several journalistic outlets for art coverage, but I didn’t want to produce content online.

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New York Now: The Ten Second tour

Article image

Josh Fischer, curator and obsessive photo taker, went to New York and sent us a photo essay as long as the A train.

Speaking of food… at MoMA, I saw an amazing exhibition of Dieter Roth’s multiples. . . from geometric permutations to grinding up books and remaking them into sausages(!). He thought of the studio more as a kitchen than anything else. Funny, absurd, ingenious, and a complete headache for conservators.

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"Where the border of water meets air": lackluster prints gather

Article image

Kelly Montana is underwhelmed by a swarm of dragonfly prints at Houston’s Museum of Printing History.

These are undoubtedly previously completed works with dragonflies added specifically for this exhibition, as are many of the works in the show. The artists were asked to respond to a theme, and they did, quickly, in an easy-to-mail format.

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"The Landscape is Motorized" @ 500X

Article image

Lucia Simek’s faith in 500X is partially restored by kaleidoscopic video and a fake rock rigged for sound.

The space can feel like a holdover from college, a place where artists make small gestures related to art, but very infrequently art itself… I had a slim but vibrant hope that Gregory Ruppe, an artist whose panache and aesthetic sense I greatly admire, was going to redeem the gallery a little.

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Job Listings

Registration Director

Austin Film Festival
Deadline: ASAP

Assistant Curator of Education, Teen and University Programs

Artpace San Antonio
Deadline: 5/29/13

Program Manager

Business Council for the Arts (Dallas)
Deadline: 5/30/13


Fondation Louis Vuitton Pour La Création (Paris)
Deadline: ASAP

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