Ingram Art News! ~ May 2013: Andrew Bell | Alain Bonder

Andrew Bell
Dear Chris,
The month of May at Ingram Gallery marks the opening of not one, but two new exhibitions. On Thursday, May 23rd we open Andrew Bell’s 5th solo with the gallery and Montreal based artist Alain Bonder’s first. It is one of the most enjoyable times of the year to be out and about enjoying all that the neighbourhood has to offer. With this in mind, we thought it a fine time to host an art party extravaganza. Please come on out and have fun with us this Thursday night between 5pm and 8pm. In addition to both Bell and Bonder being at the gallery for the reception — we anticipate several of Toronto’s talented artists to be in attendance.

Above: Andrew BELL, Biode 3, mixed media sculpture (detail).

On The Walls

Double Solo Exhibitions:

May 23 – June 12 . 2013

Celebrate with Alain Bonder and Andrew Bell:
Thursday, May 23rd, 5pm – 8pm

Andrew Bell

Andrew BELL
skulpturs + fabriks

Andrew Bell makes a point to present works that make us think about ourselves and our world — in the future. Bell’s Moterwerks series has seen eight strong installments, four here at the gallery. As a tributary to his ongoing Moterwerks narrative, Bell turns to the very current topic of transhumanism, and more specifically the possibility of synthetic humans, in his new body of work skulpturs + fabriks. Bell’s vision of the future begins in studio with a model in wardrobe and in character, who he photographs in black and white. Bell’s photographs are transferred onto board then manipulated with oil paint, and worked into a larger piece. He combines photo-transfer, oil paint and often text in order to portray historic icons, enabling the viewer to draw meaning from the work in a contemporary context.

Just as Bell looks to the future to address and consider what it means to be here, to be human — Alain Bonder looks to the past and to the memories of what has been, or possibly what has never been…

Alain Bonder


Showing successfully in Montreal, Quebec City and New York, Alain Bonder’s 2013 solo exhibition Distortions is his first in Toronto. Alain Bonder (b. 1976) presents a unique visual vocabulary achieving strong compositions through the juxtaposition of contrasting images.

Each painting in this series is based upon a late nineteenth or early twentieth-century studio portrait of a boxer, whose fixed "ready-to-fight" pose, to my eyes, feels forced, overly arranged. The titles are based on biographical information-strange details and trivia-that one might expect to find in a newspaper, or on the back of a collectible sports card.

Alain Bonder I see these cards and portraits as records of an effort to capture a moment in the life of these boxers – perhaps an awkward moment, a staged moment, or even the essence of a gesture itself. These captured moments are the traces by which we, as modern viewers, come to know these boxers, and to think about our past. The photographs and etchings, and their flaws, were the spark for this series. I am not offering answers with these pieces. Rather, I suggest that as we look, we remember that things never were, are, nor will they ever be, as they seem.

The purposeful pairing of two great artists with individual solo exhibitions presents a unique opportunity at the gallery this spring. We look forward to the conversations that will hatch.

For press and sales information please enquire with the gallery. Exhibition catalogues, artists’ CVs and statements available as PDFs.

Up Next

July 9 – August 23

Ingram Gallery

An ever rotating exhibition of new works by gallery artists will be on display this summer, including the works of two Toronto guest artists, Kapil Harnal and Igor Sinitar. Look for our next issue of Ingram Art News! to learn and see more about what is in store for the summer season.

Left to right: Yann LEROUX, Rachel BERMAN, Travis SHILLING, Ryan PRICE.

From All Of Us

Ingram Gallery & Doors Open Toronto 2013

Explore Toronto’s Buildings

The 14th annual Doors Open presented by Great Gulf offers residents and visitors an opportunity to take a peek behind the doors of over 150 architecturally, historically, Doors Open Toronto culturally and socially significant buildings across the city on Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26, 2013. This year’s theme is entitled ‘Creators, Makers and Innovators’ and features many older buildings that have been redesigned, re-invented and re-purposed into modern 21st century spaces that host collaborative teams of imaginative people who are creating new ways of thinking, making and doing.

Whether at Thursday night’s opening party or throughout the whole weekend ahead — we will have our doors open at Ingram Gallery to welcome you. Special thanks to everyone that visited during Anna Yuschuk’s solo last month. It is wonderful to hear of how so many of you enjoyed the beautiful works and installation.

You, the visitors, the appreciators of art, make each day at the gallery memorable — thank you.

See you at the gallery!

With best wishes,


Tarah Aylward, Director
Ingram Gallery, Toronto


Ingram Gallery | 49 Avenue Road | Toronto | Ontario | M5R 2G3 | Canada

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