CYNTHIA-REEVES at The Solo Project, Basel. June 12 – 16, 2013


The Solo Project Logo

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ST Jakobshalle, Bruglingerstrasse 19-21
Basel, Switzerland

June 12 – 16, 2013

CYNTHIA-REEVES is pleased to announce their return to Basel for "The Solo Project", June 12 – 16, 2013, located at ST Jakobshalle, Bruglingerstrasse 19-21 in Basel, Switzerland. Following the successful debut of the Art13 London Fair in March, CYNTHIA-REEVES will reconnect with international collectors at one of the premier satellite fairs during Art Basel Week with a two-person exhibition; minimalist abstract paintings by international museum exhibiting Chinese painter, Shen Chen, and anodized aluminum and "Torn Steel" contemporary sculpture by American sculptor and Eli Broad artist, Jonathan Prince.

Shen Chen, who divides his time between New York City and Beijing, always deemed painting as the very pinnacle of his existence. The evolution of his ink brush traditional paintings in the Chinese vernacular dramatically changed when moving to New York in the 1990’s, as he swapped Chinese black ink with acrylic paint, testing his endurance and versatility with an entirely new medium. By 2003 – 2004, Chen’s line paintings became exclusively vertical, paring down his fluid brushstroke to its simplest manifestation. By 2005, the canvases started to resonate with deeper saturation of color, shifting his palette to tonal shades across the color spectrum.


Shen Chen,Untitled No. 22012-07, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 138 inches, (triptych), 2007

Shen Chen_portrait

Chen is fascinated by the permanence of brushwork within the ink-painting process; every time the brush touches the paper, its mark is permanently recorded. Chen’s current paintings continue his study of the disciplined mark-making process and, in the most recent work he continues to favor acrylic paint on unfinished canvas. "[Chen] discovered that acrylic could give him an even richer expression than Chinese ink without compromising the essence of ink. (Fang Zhenning, Curator, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2008

Chen’s work was recently seen in Buddha’s Trace at the Kunstmuseum Bochum in Germany; Chinese Abstract: Slow Art at the Singer Laren Museum in The Netherlands; and, in Here and Now: Chapter III Towards Transculturalism at the Museum of Chinese in America in New York City. Other international venues hosting solo exhibitions by the artist include the China National Museum of Art, Today Art Museum, San Shang Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai University Arts Center, The Queens Museum in New York, and the Nantong Museum of Art.

NEW: Shen Chen Essay by Art Critic, Robert Vine,

Senior Editor of Art in America

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