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MAY 25 – JUNE 9 2013

OPENING: May 25, 2013 3-6 pm

EXHIBITION: Impeccable white volumes stand for the human self in a suspended state of self-evaluation. Personal history and inner journeys are inscribed on the pure surface to give it individuality. Forgotten details resurface, old relationships are seen in a new light, facts and faces get new meanings. A nostalgic feeling underlies the process of remembering. It determines a certain idealization that eventually becomes part of an ensemble that helps one defy time, transform the transitory into permanence. Each piece is a collage of memories, voices, musical sounds, answers, pieces of life, hope.

Toronto-based sculptor George Turia is inspired by what he calls "man’s paradoxical nature:" "The stability of our bodies and minds and souls is constantly undermined yet just as we near disintegration we find it in ourselves to continue on. We pick ourselves up and drag ourselves back into the fight of the world where we will inevitably be hurt again but also made beautiful by our wounds and scars."

Turia creates stylized human heads in white porcelain which he adorns withelaborate drawings and iron or gold-plated headpieces in order to speak to the dynamics between fragility and resilience. This focus gives his work a timeless relevance. He explains his aesthetics: "The fragility of ceramics conveys man’s susceptibility to wounding. The porcelain allows me to smooth it until it becomes perfect – an impeccable surface, a defleshed bone upon which personal history will soon be inscribed."

Thank you,

Teodora Pica

Director at T-ART Gallery


Turia Alchemies of the Mind Press Release.pdf

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