CYLAND’s upcoming exhibit “Capital Of Nowhere” which runs at CFZ in Venice parallel to the Biennale.

In juxtaposition to other representations of the art world in Venice this summer, "Capital of Nowhere" physically embodies the power, growth and potential of a global online Art community to define its own culture and space.

International Art & Tech platforms CYLAND (St Petersburg/Russia), DIGICULT (Milan/Italy) and The WYE (Berlin/Germany) are uniting for this unique endeavor to build international relations between pioneering New Media communities in this specific city during this pivotal time.

Public panel discussions, brunch and an exhibit Vernissage will be held free of charge (no entry fee) to encourage meaningful interaction across boundaries of New Media in different countries.

Full information about what is planned for May 31st can be found here:

Attached is press release in .doc format.

picture credits:
“Nestlings of the Sea” by Boris Kazakov, 1996. Courtesy of CYLAND.
“Breathless” by Alexandra Dementieva 2012. Courtesy of the Artist and CYLAND.
“Made in Ancient Greece” by Anna Frants, 2007 – Pr. Courtesy of the Artist and CYLAND.


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