June 2013 at Gallery 129 Ossington:

Elizabeth Hardinge – "Markets"

Showing: June 1 – 30, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday June 1, 2-5pm

Gallery Hours: By appointment only

Gallery 129 Ossington is extremely please to announce an upcoming exhibition of Elizabeth Hardinge, from June 1st to 30th 2013. Visit her artist’s page on our website for more information or to preview the new work.

Artist’s Statement:

‘Markets’ series explore the hustle and bustle of daily markets. They are alive and full of unfound treasures. These paintings celebrate colour, energy and movement. The brushstrokes combine sketching and blending of colour allowing the viewer to explore beautiful things, fragrant smells, muffled sounds, with forces pushing and pulling you. Imagine yourself picking your way through these vendors.

About the artist:

Elizabeth Hardinge is an emerging contemporary Canadian artist living in Toronto. She studied both privately and through the Toronto School of Art before establishing her studio where she works mainly with oil on canvas. Elizabeth enjoys the freedom to work in large scale, allowing movement, the figure and her inner emotions to make their mark on the canvas.

Gallery at 129 Ossington

P: 416.532.1310 W: 129ossington.com

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