Bezpala Brown Gallery Reminder: Opening June 1st, 6-9pm The Allusions of Tahirih: Her Story by Shyla Tibando

Bezpala Brown Gallery

cordially invites you and your friends

to join us for the

Saturday June 1st
6 – 9pm


by Mykola Zhuravel

JUNE 1 – 29




Shyla Tibando

JUNE 1 – 29

“Creating is disruptive and I am too!”, says Shyla Tibando.

All things that require input need an output. For Shyla, the inputs are visual and provoking stories. A great deal of research and thought goes into each piece. It is as equally important for her to grow, and learn through the process, as it is for the viewer. Sometimes she becomes so engrossed in her subject Shyla likens the process to a love affair. The end output a unique story of expression.

Following in the footsteps of 4 generations, Shyla chose to initially direct her creative interests in clothing illustration and design. After completing her bachelor’s in Fashion Design from Ryerson Polytechnic University, she had a successful career designing for notable brands such as FarWest, Concept, Modrobes, 2(x)ist, Alexander Julian and the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Vancouver Olympic and Signature collections.

The creative outlet wasn’t enough. While working on her MBA the poetry of Tahirih gave her great solace. Over the 4 ½ years of contemplating Tahirih’s allusional poetry, the imagery transformed into what you see today… the visual allusions of allusional poetry.

It was probably Tahirih’s disruptive nature and uncommon life that attracted Shyla. Tahirih’s moments in history were loud, bold and courageous. Though, in Tahirih’s time great effort was exerted to mute her mark. There are certain elements in Shyla’s paintings that reflect this. One can see it in the neutral palette and structured composition. One can also see the voice of acquiescent passion shining and dancing on the surface.

* * *

17 Church Street
Toronto, ON

M5E 1M2
+1 416 907 6875
info@bezpalabrown .com

Shyla Tibando June 2013 poster.pdf

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