Hamilton Arts & Letters magazine – 5th Anniversary

Samizdat Press presents:
Hamilton Arts & Letters magazine
5th Anniversary issue



Renaming Canada: Smoke Signals
by Gary Geddes

George Grant on the Meaning of our Love of the Beautiful
by R. Bruce Elder

Grant’s Impasse
Beholdenness and the Silence of Reason
by Dennis Lee

Was Matt Cohen right that George Grant Became an Elitist?
by Arthur Davis


George Grant’s
Lament for a Nation: Then and Now
by David Cohen

George Grant: The McMaster Years
J.S. Porter in conversation with Eugene Combs, professor emeritus, Religious Studies, McMaster University

SPECIAL INSERT – coming June 2013
George Grant: Hedgehog and Fox
by Louis Greenspan

On the Margins (Excerpts from Banksia marginata, A work in progress)
by Maureen Scott Harris

Diana Thorneycroft’s Canada

Gord Pullar’s Canada

Catherine Carmichael’s Canada

Brian Kelly’s Canada

Selections from a long poem: North Country, with Loon
by Paul T Hogan


ALSO Featuring:

Marianne Reim: A Negotiation of Memories
by Shirley Madill

by Marianne Reim

Selected Poems
by Charles Meanwell

Video: Kinetic Sculpture
by Katie Leaf

Portfolio: Hamilton Strip
by Paul Elia

Short Film: de_restitch
by Colina Maxwell

Inventories: Poetry
by Paul T Hogan [artwork by Cynthia Hand]

Excerpt from: A Parker Burn’s MYSTERY
by Denise Lisson • illustrated by Gord Pullar

Poetry: A Charm for Communing with Dead Pets During Surgery
by Peter Chiykowski

Poema baciato [the kiss] & 3 eternal loves
by Enzo Minarelli

A letter from Terence to Mary, June 12, 1953
The Accidental Book Collector: Part Three by Robert Rankin
A painting by José Loney
Bibliomania 10 [10] by Mark Mavrinac
Roger Wood, The Klockmaker by Peter Stevens

Watch for:
The loop Collective . fiim + multimedia works at the Factory Media Centre, Hamilton. Reception: Friday, July 12, Art Crawl.
& Catherine Carmichael at loop gallery, Toronto. Reception: Saturday, June 22, 2-5pm

issue six.1 is sponsored by:
City of Hamilton I The loop Collective . film + multimedia works I Picone Fine Food I HMECU I Wolsak & Wynn I Hamilton Economic Development I J.S. Porter I Bernadette Rule I Nelson Ball I John Terpstra I Nancy Gray I Judi Burgess I Paul Ropel Morski I R. Bruce Elder I Jeff Mahoney I Hamilton City Councillor Brian McHattie I Hamilton City Councillor Jason Farr I loop gallery I Photography for Artists I Tucker Rubber Stamps & Fountain Pens I Centre[3] for print and media arts I Vik-bib I Pier 8 Group I HA&L MEMBERS – Thank you! I and our friends at Bryan Prince Bookseller I We’ve got your back, mates.

HA&L acknowledges the generous support of the
Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


HA&L magazine and the McMaster Alumni Association present:
O H ! C A N A D A
Join us: Tuesday, June 18, 7pm
R S V P : click here for more information.

Now enjoy: HA&L issue six.1 OH! C A N A D A

Email: HAL@HALmagazine .com

Hamilton Arts & Letters magazine
Paul Lisson: Editor
Fiona Kinsella: Associate Editor / Designer
Art Director: Peter Stevens
HA&L’s 1st Intern: Rachel Harvey

HA&L Media Contact:
Paul Lisson, Editor
HAL@HALmagazine .com

current & past contributors:
Peter Abbot . Milton Acorn . Wayne Allan . MJD Algera . Michael Allgoewer . Joseph Anderson . Debra Antoncic . Jason Avery . Nelson Ball . Martha Baillie . Julie Berry . Bibliothèque et Archives Canada . Ferdinado Bilanzola . Vikram Bondai . King Biscuit Boy . David Brace . Stephen Broomer . Frank Buchwald . Jim Burant . Judi Burgess . Catherine Carmichael . Tings Chak . Jim Chambers . Peter Chiykowski . Pippa Cilliers . David Cohen . David Collier . Daniel Coleman . Eugene Combs . Sally Cooper . Anna Cox . Jean Crankshaw . Jeff Crouch . Paul Cvetich . Arthur Davis . Aileen Depaul . James Deahl . Susan Dobson . Lalie Douglas . Dennis Duffy . Pat Eaves . Bruce Elder . Paul Elia . Linda Fallon of Shakespeare & Company, Paris . Judith Fitzgerald . Conrad Furey . Meghan M. Garr . Bart Gazzola . Gary Geddes . Cees & Annerie van Gemerden . Tim Gibbons . Sky Gilbert . George Grant . Louis Greenspan . Eliza Griffiths . Regina Haggo . Cynthia Hand . Matthew Handscombe . Iris Häussler . Paul T Hogan . Margaret Lindsay Holton . Donna Ibing . Svava Thordis Juliusson . Brian Kelly . Mary Teresa Keon . Bryce Kanbara . Peter Karuna . Frank Kerr . John Kinsella . Sara Knelman . Irena Komandinic . Pat Kozowyk . Karen Krzyzewski . Travis Kurowski . Richard Landon . Dorothee Lang . JonArno Lawson . Katie Leaf, . Dennis Lee . Norma West Linder . Denise Lisson . Samara Leibner . José Loney . Tor Lukasik Foss . Harriet Alida Lye . Joanne Lyons . Shirley Madill . Jeff Mahoney . Mansaram . Mr. Harry Marshall of Mount Hope . Robert Mason . Mark Mavrinac . Colina Maxwell . Charles Meanwell . Enzo Minarelli . Jessica McCarrel . Anna J. McIntyre . Ian McLean . Marshall McLuhan . Andrew McPhail . Jane McQuitty . Sebastian Mendes . Caroline Moran . Stephen Morrissey . Kåthe von Nagy . Kim Neudorf . Hanna Newcombe . Richard Newell, 1944-2003 . Robert Oldham . Simon Orpana . Rui Pimenta . J. S. Porter . Bryan Prince . Gord Pullar . Andrea Rabinovitch . Sima Rabinowitz . Robert Rankin . Marianne Reim . Greg Rennick . Simon Richards . Jim Riley . Samuel Isaac Robinson . Paul Ropel-Morski . Edward Roper . Bernadette Rule . Joanna Santa Barbara . Maureen Scott Harris . Jeff Seffinga . Lee Sharkey . William Simpson . Raymond Souster . Endre Szkárosi . Ryan Szulc . Kearon Roy Taylor . Hakan Temuçin . John Terpstra . Denyse Terry . Diana Thorneycroft . Vesna Trkulja-Stevens . Priscila Uppal . Stephanie Vegh . Frankie Venom . f.ward . George Wallace . Jackie Washington . John C. Weaver . Wim Wenders . Roger Wood . Robert Clark Yates . Manosilah Yoganathan .

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