CHRIS DOROSZ: Molecular Portraits | Opening Reception FRIDAY JUNE 7, 5-8p

June 7 to July 31
Opening Friday June 7, 5 to 8p

Oil on canvas
75 3/8" x 70"

Molecular Portraits is the first in a new series of “mass” paintings that investigate form through molecular composition. The objective is to visualize a denuded reality, stripped of its narrative, offering the viewer a glimpse of the multifarious elements that comprise matter.

Referencing his well-known three-dimensional paint drop sculptures, Dorosz flattens the scene and presents his perspective in two dimensions. The paintings are composed with irregular dots, constructed from carefully calculated, hole-punched templates, which create vivid vantage points of various spaces: a staircase, an open box, a country path framed by trees, a library with its aisles of shelves, as well as different domestic interiors.

These works are portraits – portraits of specific spaces with specific references. However, through the application of the contrary forces of reduction and construction, these works transform into archetypal representations of the space – an original model – pure space. This transformation from the specific to the archetypal is a spiritual inquiry.

For an exhibition preview or for further information, please contact:


Katzman at (416) 504-9515
Katzman Kamen Gallery, 80 Spadina Ave., Suite #406, Toronto, ON M5V 2J4

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