Abstract artist Lila Lewis Irving / Toronto painter Albert de Vos ~ opening June 12, Leonardo Galleries, Toronto


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Lila Lewis Irving / Albert de Vos

Abstract painter Lila Lewis Irving displays new expressionistic series, and Albert de Vos exhibits fantastic fairy-tale realism in pencil drawings and paintings – opening reception June 12 at Leonardo Galleries, Toronto

Toronto, ON, June 6, 2013 – Award-winning Mississauga abstract artist Lila Lewis Irving shows new expressionistic series, and Toronto painter Albert de Vos displays new paintings and pencil drawings. The exhibit begins Wednesday, June 12 with a public opening reception (6:30 to 8:30 p.m.) and runs to July 15, 2013 at Leonardo Galleries, Toronto (112 Scollard St., Yorkville).

Exhibit link: http://www.leonardogalleries.com/index.php?p=exhibition&from=upcoming+exhibitions&from_p=exhibition&from_s=upcoming&s=67

Lila Lewis Irving is the recipient of many art awards and is the first ever winner of the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) ‘Artist of Distinction’ award in May 2013. She is also a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and the Ontario Society of Artists.

AGM director/curator Stuart Keeler says, “If Lila were to paint air, she would depict for us what we intuitively feel around us every moment we breathe. A true devotee of abstract expressionism and a former student of abstract expressionist artist Helen Frankenthaler, Ms. Irving is committed to the notion that the canvas is ‘an arena in which to act’ and the marks, moments and actions revealed are, in the artist’s words, ‘not a picture, but an event’.”

Irving’s painting is an energetic and intense process, which results in emotional abstracted work, deeply felt. The impetus is a response to a visual, emotional or musical world, or all three. The shapes are bold and simplified, the colours saturated, the brushstrokes energetic.

Irving was born and educated in United States and moved to Canada in 1964. She has a BA in English from Brooklyn College, NY, an MFA in Theatre Arts from Iowa State University and an MFA from the University of Wisconsin. She has had numerous exhibitions in Canada, USA, England and Japan, and works in many private and corporate collections including; Scotia Bank, Torstar, Zurich Insurance, Princess Margaret Hospital, Noranda and IBM.

Albert de Vos states, “I use my pencil drawings to establish the composition, shadows and highlights, but I consider them art works in their own right. My paintings consist of oil-monochrome under-paintings similar to old sepia photographs. I then apply a number of transparent layers of oil paint to introduce colour into the painting. This method has been used by many painters throughout the centuries. My attention is first focused on composition, then tonality and finally, entirely on colour; it is my most efficient way of portraying a non-existent situation as real.”

De Vos likes strange and bizarre things that come from his imagination or his surroundings, and his new collection includes a fairy-tale element (the themes often are a dress-rehearsal for a play) and a fantastic realism, with a dash of symbolism.

Albert de Vos was born in 1950 and educated in The Netherlands and he moved to Canada in 1974, where he studied at the Ontario College of Art in composition, egg-tempera painting and mural painting. He worked as a senior scenic artist at CBC in Toronto from 1987 until 2007.

For more exhibit information visit; http://www.leonardogalleries.com.

Leonardo Galleries (a member of the Yorkville Art Galleries Collective), Toronto is devoted to the promotion of contemporary art. The gallery represents local and international artists and has a significant collection of works of art in painting, print-media, sculpture and photography. Leonardo Galleries also specializes in conservation framing and expert art restoration.


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