Press Release June 2013 artists at Rainbow Gallery

Art For All Canada, Inc. (AFAC)
is a not-for-profit organization,
run by artists, to help artists to develop, show and sell their work commission-free.
Our web site is at


June 10, 2013, Toronto …. Art For All Canada, Inc. is pleased to announce the artists displaying samples of their work at The Rainbow Cinemas Gallery, 80 Front St. E., Toronto, open 12:30PM – 10:00PM daily during June 2013.

The work is sold commission-free; interested buyers should contact the artists directly.

Short videos introducing each artist may be seen at or visit the links below.

Mary Lee Chisholm-Morgan, Japanese Bunka Embroidery Paintings

Ralph Brunner and Margarete Brunner, Photographs

Derek Evernden illustrations; Naciye Tumer, Paintings; Cem Basir, Paintings

Bonita Lynn – Metal Sculptures –



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