Neil Dankoff: Reflections of Camp at Lonsdale Gallery until June 23, 2013


camp header image
Neil Dankoff: Reflections of Camp

May 23 – June 23, 2013

opening reception: Thursday, May 23 from 6-9pm

Neil Dankoff’s panoramic photography stems from a desire to capture the artful beauty in nature. His reverential view of the landscape has its roots in Dankoff’s youth spent at summer camp. The images presented in Reflections of Camp, are celebratory portraits of six established camps in Northern Ontario; the water’s mirror-like surface, misty mornings and intensely saturated colours, which are unique to these regions. Attending camp has been a right of passage for multiple generations. Furthermore, depicting the wilderness of Northern Ontario has been a long-standing Canadian artistic tradition. Dankoff bridges the personal connections that people have to these wild spaces with the larger collective experience. The rich images in Reflections of Camp envelop viewers and create a reminiscent sense of place, peace and youthfulness.

Featured camps: Camp Arowhon, Camp Tamakwa, Camp Tamarack, Camp Timberlane, Camp Walden, and Camp White Pine.

A selection of preview images from ‘Reflections of Camp’ can be seen below. For images of past series by Neil Dankoff, click here

or Neil’s website here.






WED. -SUN. 11-5 and by appointment

camp_arowhonCamp Arowhon

camp_tamarack Camp Tamarack


Camp Tamakwa


Camp Timberlanecamp_whitepine

Camp White Pine

camp_waldenCamp Walden

kids in camp
A portion of proceeds from "Reflections of Camp" will be donated to Kids in Camp, a registered charity which subsidizes camp experiences for children and youth. Dedicated to assisting families who otherwise would not be able to send their kids to camp.

More information about this great organization can be found at:

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