UNSTOPPABLE by Jean-Pierre Lafrance at the Thompson Landry Gallery

UNSTOPPABLE: liquid and matter, the latest tour-de-force from internationally acclaimed abstract painter Jean-Pierre Lafrance, is the artist’s highly anticipated fourth solo show in Toronto. Lafrance has pushed the boundaries of abstraction over the course of his long and fruitful career. In this series of new works, he continues to find inspiration in the natural world, and two of its most basic components: liquid and matter. His passionate spirit is reflected in his expressive strokes, vivid use of colour, and spontaneity. For the first time, words and linear forms begin to emerge out of his canvases. Unstoppable is neither the beginning nor the end of Lafrance’s artistic progression, but rather the next chapter in the magnificent evolution of his body of work.

Jean-Pierre Lafrance

UNSTOPPABLE: Liquid and Matter

Artist: Jean-Pierre Lafrance

Show Title: UNSTOPPABLE: liquid and matter

Exhibition runs through July 7th, 2013

Thompson Landry Gallery, The Distillery District, 32 Distillery Lane, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4

Pieces can be viewed at http://www.thompsonlandry.com

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm, Sunday 12pm – 5pm

“My work is like the veins in my body and the colour of my blood.”

Thompson Landry Gallery

The Distillery District

Stone Building, 32 Distillery Lane

& The Cooperage Space, 6 Trinity Street

Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3C4

Tel: 416-364-4955



Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm,

Sunday 12pm – 5pm

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