June 22: Sam Moyer, Mika Tajima and Graham Collins at Halsey McKay Gallery

Opening receptions for Midori Mambo Black Russian by Sam Moyer and Mika Tajima, and V8 by Graham Collins at Halsey McKay Gallery on Saturday, June 22, from 6PM – 8PM at 79 Newtown Lane in
East Hampton.

Attached are press releases for both exhibitions. Sam Moyer, Mika Tajima and Graham Collins.

Sam Moyer


Mika Tajima

For this exhibition, Moyer and Tajima present new paintings. Tajima continues her ambient painting series titled “Furniture Art,” which are reverse spray enameled thermoformed acrylic objects. Each piece is subtitled by a geographic location—Okinawa, Vieques, Sainte-Honorine-des-Pertes, Da Nang, Bahia de Cochinos. Moyer presents a brand new body of work titled “Breakers,” which combine abstraction and the readymade while still loosely referencing the idea of landscape. Painted glass and dyed canvas are layered to create compositions physically reliant on the Neilson frames that hold them together.

Graham Collins

V8 is Graham Collin’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Collins’ varied work blends painting, architecture and sculpture into a contradictory amalgam of ruin and stability. Canvases of spray painted monochrome hues are partially obscured behind a scrim of tinted glass and encased in frames made with salvaged wood. The tinted monochromes combine the artist’s appreciation of normative craft forms, specifically woodworking and DIY window tinting, with the canon of abstraction. Collins forces a harmony from the disparate cultural and aesthetic values associated with these different entities.

Date and Location:
Saturday, June 22, 6PM – 8PM
Halsey McKay
79 Newtown Lane, East Hampton

Sam and Mika MMBR PR.pdf

Graham Collins V8 PR.pdf

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