Special Opportunity from Wondereur and the Koffler Gallery!

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Koffler Centre of the Arts
Dear friends,

We are delighted to share with you two exciting new opportunities for art lovers that will equally benefit the Koffler Gallery.

You may already know that we published a beautiful photo essay about Corwyn Lund’s latest Off-Site project, Word Count, in collaboration with the online art platform Wondereur. The collaboration continues with an exclusive print version of Lund’s work, available for sale through Wondereur in support of the Koffler Gallery’s exhibition program.

The print multiple, Word Count (1:11), is an exclusive edition of 30, priced at $575. For each multiple sold, $50 will be donated to the Koffler Gallery. Wondereur takes no commission on the sales of this piece. You can find the print by clicking here.

Furthermore, Wondereur is offering a special opportunity for Koffler friends to support us through any artwork purchase you make between now and July 17, 2013. For this limited time, 20% of the purchase price of any artwork you buy on Wondereur will be donated to the Koffler Gallery. Just use the promotional code KOFFLER and enjoy shopping for exquisite works of art by local and international emerging artists.

Please share the news and help us build the future of the Koffler Gallery while building your art collection!

Images above, clockwise from top left (all available on Wondereur): Flavio Trevisan, Islands (as seen from shore), 2003; Julia Callon, The Yellow Wallpaper No. 2, 2012; Karine Rougier, Ataya, 2012; Karine Rougier, Curiosite, 2012; Sophia Burke, The River I, 2013; Flavio Trevisan, The Blade Between Queen & King, 2011.

Koffler Centre of the Arts
4588 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario M2R 1W6
The Koffler Centre of the Arts is Canada’s only multidisciplinary, contemporary Jewish cultural institution.
We present cutting-edge exhibitions of new Canadian and international art, and diverse programs in music, dance, literature, film, spoken word, and theatre. Our programs welcome everyone from every background.
The Koffler Centre of the Arts is an agency of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Thank you to our supporters:

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