Elesavet Lawson-Colony and Beauty’s

Upcoming at the Nathaniel Hughson Gallery
Elesavet Lawson – Colony and Beauty’s

Elesavet Lawson
Colony and Beauty’s

July 4 to July 27, 2013
Opening Reception: July 4, 6 pm to 10 pm

Elesavet Lawson’s paintings are as striking as her name. Her whimsical work is heavy in mood, defying its simplistic style. The consistency, layered composition, and heavy texture pull you into a dreamland full of thought provoking emotion.

For more information please visit: www.nathanielhughsongallery.com

or contact: info or 905-923-1192.

Image: Erigeneia, 2013, 16×20", Oil on wood panel.

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Nathaniel Hughson Gallery
27 John Street North
Hamilton, On L8R 1H1 Canada




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