Waterfront Property @ Centre 3

Waterfront Property (Steely Neighbourhoods)
is a project by Bryce Kanbara and photographer Larry Strung, with the support of Environment Hamilton, and funding assistance from the Ontario Arts Council. Organized by Centre 3.

July 12 (Art Crawl) – Aug 4 Centre3 for print and media arts, 173 James North, Hamilton ON .info

Community Gathering (reception] Monday, July 15, 7-9 pm with remarks @ 7:30 by Mayor Bob Brattina and Lynda Lukasik, Executuve Director of Environment Hamilton. everyone welcome!

This project wants to draw the attention of all Hamiltonians to the remarkably durable residents of McAnulty and Beach Strip neighbourhoods and their feelings about living near the steel industry. The exhibition is comprised of 17”x22” colour portraits of residents in front of their homes augmented by photographs of the surroundings taken by the residents themselves.

McAnulty and Beach Strip residents: Paul, Debra & Madison Isaac / Rosanne & Christopher Murray / Brian, Beth & Crue Curry / Brett Lubinski / Stella Naves / Mary Ellen Gatto / Joan Lubinski / Rick, Paulette & Samantha Roketta / Barry & Wendy Clemmens / Barbara & Sage LaFleshe / Tony & Mary Arruda / Kelly Ramsli / Russ, Joanne, Linda & Megan Smith / Pat, Raymond & Lyle Boyer / Rebekah, Olivia & Levi Roy / Gary Ball, Debbie Gaeler, Michael & David Ball / Dave Manovich / Mary Lee & Sapphire Singh / Sandra, Hayley & Abbigail Badeau / Barbara Martin / Norah-Lynn McIntyre / Eric & Cora Brittan / Jim & Carol Howlett / Tim Berrigan / Terry Hoffner / and Lorna Moreau. Thanks!

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