Artists Residency Launch and Reception July 25th 7-9pm


Graven Feather Residency Exhibition

Launch and Reception: Thursday July 25th 7-9pm

Exhibition June 29th – July 27th 2013
Graven Feather Studio: 906 Queen West, Toronto ON
Featured Artists:Sarah Sands Philips
Madelaine Lyons Cooper
Rawaa Bakhsh & Julie Pasila

Graven Feather is delighted to present an exhibition of work developed and produced on site during it’s recently established Artist Residency program. Emerging artists Madelaine Lyons Cooper, Sarah Sands Phillips, Rawaa Bakhsh and Julie Pasila each visited and worked independently at Graven Feather over a period of 4 weeks during the winter and spring of 2013. Using equipment in studio and frequently incorporating the use or integration of printmaking techniques and ideas into existing and familiar practice, the result is beautiful and varied work that highlights new and exciting talent.

While each of the artists arrived at Graven Feather Studio separate from each other, certain commonalities can be identified in the work presented. Seen together they create a sense of interwoven elements and relatedness within material and conceptual themes. Ideas of accumulation, layering and installation of form are strongly present, as is a sense of play, modular shift, and fluidity of texture.

The public is warmly invited to be in attendance July 25th 7-9 pm as we celebrate the show and officially launch our new Artist Residency Program. Residencies are all about creating opportunities and making room. They facilitate learning, incorporate new environments, and create open time and space to encounter unfamiliar modes and methods. In studio with other artists and context a nebulous combination of stimuli will inevitably generate associations, reconsiderations, and an evolution and integration of new ideas. The addition of Artist Residencies is part of Graven Feather’s initiative to widen its community and share artistic experiences.

About the artists:

Sarah Sands Phillips is a Toronto based artist with a BFA from Queen’s University. She’s just finished a residency at Gibralter Point on Toronto Island. She works primarily in painting and more recently in installation.

Rawaa Bakhsh is currently a masters candidate at OCAD University in Interdisciplinary Art. She graduated from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia with a bachelors in Graphic Design. She recently finished a residency where she studied two forms of Arabic Caligraphy in Turkey.

Madelaine Lyons Cooper is a Toronto based artists with a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice from OCAD University. She is currently focusing on work in painting and printmaking. She was the recipient of the Emerging Artist Award and Residency at Spark Box Studio in 2012.

Julie Pasila is based in Toronto ON, with a Masters Degree from Ryerson University in Documentry Media. Her practice has traditionally been photography but she has also worked in video and printmaking. She completed a residency at Arteles in Finland in 2012.

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