Juan Oritz-Apuy / Luce Meunier at Birch Libralato

Birch Libralato
presents two new solo exhibitions
Juan Oritz-Apuy / Luce Meunier
July 25th – August 24th
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 25th 5-8 PM

Juan Oritz-Apuy
Juan Ortiz-Apuy was born in Costa Rica in 1980 and currently lives and works in Montréal. He has a BFA from Concordia University, a Post-Graduate diploma from the Glasgow School of Art, and an MFA from NSCAD University.

Ortiz-Apuy’s practice is informed by his personal experience of geographical and cultural relocation. His journey North from a small town in Costa Rica, from Spanish to English, from the so-called Third World to the First World has situated language as a place of struggle and an object of study. His work since has been an exploration of the interstices and overlaps among language, identity and violence. A form of topological study of the ways in which these concepts are interconnected.

As such, things like maps, geography and movement figure frequently in his vocabulary, and although his creative process is committed to experimentation and research, and his subject matter stems from an alertness to global politics and economics, his works are often playful, humorous and absurd.

Formally, Ortiz-Apuy often draws from the aesthetics and presentation strategies of minimalism, especially for its concern with performativity, perception and the body. He is interested in the way in which minimalism positioned the viewer in a physical relationship with the art object. His interest lies in exploring the sociopolitical implications of this relationship, often through the deceptively minimal, where content remains concealed, or by using minimalism as a prop onto which to stage narrative or biographical content.

Luce Meunier
Luce Meunier uses the bare minimum of visual and graphic language to create her works and thus pursues a reflection on painting’s power of action or reaction, for any given environment and support. Her works, be they stretched or floating, reveal many motifs in relief. Formed by prominent folds, her pictorial compositions explore space and engage in accentuated trajectories, punctuated with intersections. These paths and circuits are generated as much by the freedom of the medium as by the rigidity of the structure of the canvas.

For more information, please contact the gallery directly.

Birch Libralato
129 Tecumseth Street
Toronto, Canada M6J 2H2
416.365.3003 birchlibralato.com

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