We’re Aimless

You and yours are formally invited to join Toronto born artist Scott Boniface in showcasing new artwork for his debut solo show Aimless September 5th-11th, 2013 at the Moniker Gallery. Scott grew up fascinated by graphic art, design and advertising. He’s since made his career in an industry where strong brand messages, visual trends, and deeply rooted concepts reign supreme.

The show is called Aimless and it’s about completely letting go of the story, losing track of the point and getting lost in colour, texture and the abstract. Aimless is a complete departure from concept — it’s about finding comfort in the ambiguous and solace in the unknown. Aimless is about creating meaning without context and starting something without knowing what it could become. In a world fueled by messages, agendas and directives, these works just exist.

This show represents Scott’s work in abstract and mix medium, each and every painting he’s lost himself in while creating. Scott Boniface is aimless and invites you to feel the same on September 5th at 7PM at Moniker Gallery, 452 Richmond Street West

The work will be up until September 11th with 11AM-5PM daily gallery hours.

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