Joseph Hart and Anne-Lise Coste at Halsey McKay Gallery

ANNE-LISE COSTE | HAIKU | August 3 – 21


Joseph HartAngel Error is Joseph Hart’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Hart will present a suite of new works on paper alongside a series of oil paintings on canvas.

Hart’s work is an amalgamation of premeditated and spontaneous mark making, instinct and restraint, effort and error. Utilizing drawing, painting and cut-paper collage, his work is structured around cursory gestures: errant dashes, quick lines, scrawls, swoops and zigzags. This set of preliminary and exploratory maneuvers are then built upon, reconfigured or impulsively edited out until a composition begins to emerge. In his paper pieces, smaller scale drawings are often grafted directly into larger works, interrupting the initial picture plane while also reactivating it. The results are abrupt but retain a compelling and provocative elegance.

Adaptation and balance play critical roles in the artist’s practice. Direction and orientation (vertical, horizontal, or other) typically remain in flux throughout Hart’s process, facilitating discovery through attempt. Moments of aesthetic beauty are evened by calculated blemish and visual apathy. Areas of careful consideration and casual awkwardness are forced to co-exist. Through this democratization of components and ideas, Hart emphasizes the relationships between turmoil, tension and harmony.

Anne-Lise Coste

…one of the advantages of the haïku was that it enabled language to cast off
‘the empirical yoke which reduces it to being merely a system of communication.’
L’EMPIRE DES SIGNES, Roland Barthes, 1970

The artist will present a body of new airbrush and gesso paintings on canvas. Coste’s paintings liberate text, image and mark from narrative obligations, just as the haiku frees language from its systemic constraints.

Floating between abstract marks, text and art historical reference to Miro, Picasso, Pollock and Twombly, Coste’s paintings are each executed in a single sitting and act as an unfiltered index of her thoughts in the studio. Coste finds truth in the moment.

This allows her to write, spray, paint and scribble on her terms, free from the restraints of grammar or syntax. Her freehand improvisations offer refreshingly light-hearted perspectives on matters of the heart in the human condition, rendering Death, Confusion, Sex and Anxiety palatable.

Halsey McKay Gallery

79 Newtown Lane, East Hampton

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