MANTA Contemporary Reception and Performance

Reception Friday, August 9, 7-11pm
The Poetics of Inertia

The Poetics of Inertia

Eric Euler

Reception Friday, August 9, 7-11pm

Eric Euler is a Canadian born visual artist currently residing in Baton Rouge LA where he is an MFA printmaking candidate at Louisiana State University. His artwork is a chaotic mosaic of apocalyptic transcendence.

Exhibition runs August 5 – 18

Graff Wars

Graff Wars

Corey, Tevin, Eddie Drury, Rachel Lichtblau, Irene Loughlin, Gregory Jacob Knox, Luther Griggs, and more

Also happening August 9, 7-11

The exhibition/performance integrates graffiti and performance art exploring the pathways and intersections of each and both. The work contains a graffiti environment in which an enactment of the Magritte painting Collective Invention unfolds.

Thanks to Hamilton Artists Inc. for their help with this project!

Exhibition runs August 9-31

Irene Loughlin Performance


Friday, August 9, 7-11pm

Performance: August 9, 9-9:30 pm

New location: MANTA Contemporary, 22 Barton Street, Hamilton, ON

Copyright © 2013 MANTA Contemporary, All rights reserved.

MANTA Contemporary22 Barton Street East
Hamilton, On L8L 2V5Canada

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