Summer Exhibition

Summer Group exhibition
Andrew Gifford – Glyndebourne
Lisa Stokes – BP Portrait Awards
Upcoming exhibitions
Leon Morrocco, Still Life with Fez and Mandolin, 36 x 48 ins
Summer Exhibition

On until 14 September

Paintings by John Caple, Bella Easton, Andrew Gadd, Andrew Gifford, Neale Howells, David Martin, Barry McGlashan, Alberto Morrocco, Leon Morrocco, Makiko Nakamura, Kyle Noble and Fred Yates.
Sculptures by Deborah Bell and Olivia Musgrave.

For more information on the exhibition or any of the artists please contact Al<a href="mailto:ali

Kyle Noble

"My practice has a strong drawn element mixing automatic drawing, Chinese landscape aesthetics and layers of industrial varnish. Over the last two years I have devoted my practice to the description of an imaginary ancient culture called ‘The Meiklians’, who built the stone circles around my home in Aberdeenshire."

Andrew Gadd

Andrew Gadd’s talent encompass the straightforward still-life and portrait but range more happily towards the allegorical. His complex works are large in scale and show figures set in interior or landscape setting with subjects he has seen in everyday life, juxtaposed and transformed by imagination.

Bella Easton

London based artist Bella Easton is a painter and etcher whose work investigates the architectural spaces that exist close to her. She distills these personal places by fragmenting them into tiny sections and then reconstructs them using a system of geometry and layering.

Andrew Gifford
Paintings of Little Heaven
on show until 26th August
Glyndebourne Festival
Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 5UU
Box Office tel: +44(0)1273 815000
Lisa Stokes, Self Portrait with Clown Face, 60×41.5ins

BP Portrait awards
20 June – 15 September, 2013
Lisa Stokes’s Self-Portrait with Clown Face was selected for this year’s BP Portrait award and can be seen at the National Portrait Gallery until mid-September.

This autumn the gallery will be holding new solo exhibitions by Gennadii Gogoliuk, Martin Finnin and Andrew Gifford’s new series of paintings from Jerusalem.
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John Martin Gallery38 Albemarle St
London, England W1S 4JGUnited Kingdom


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