MWG Collaborates with ESKFF Artist in Residence Program


Dear Friends,

We invite you to a great opportunity to both collect work from select MWG artists, and support an exceptional cause. As you can see below, Kim Dorland, KAORUKO, Christian Vincent, Jan De Vliegher, and Liao Yibai have each donated works to the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation, with all proceeds benefitting the new ESKFF Artists in Residence program. In addition to providing studio space and art supplies, the program facilitates integration and interaction within the greater arts community, including collectors, critics, gallerists, and general public – and has, in the past, directly supported those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Below are some of the works donated by our artists, and a list of all available works and prices can be found online. Please contact ESKFF at info@ with all inquiries, or the gallery at 212-691-6899.


KAORUKO / Untitled / Sumi, copper powder and gold leaf on canvas / 24 x 24 inches / 2012

1025.jpg Jan De Vliegher / Iznik, Floral Sprays / Oil on canvas / 24 x 24 inches / 2012


Kim Dorland / Untitled, Deer / Oil, acrylic and ink on wood panel / 24 x 24 inches / 2012

1027.jpg Liao Yibai / Dancing with Small Feet / Stainless steel / 24 x 31 3/8 x 14 inches / 2012


Christian Vincent /

Red Ivy / Oil on canvas
/ 24 x 24 inches / 2012

Mike Weiss Gallery

520 West 24th Street

New York New York 10011

212 691 6899

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