Fall Openings: Pack Moves: Brendan Fernandes, Rachel Hellner, Kelly O’Dette, Kenneth Raddatz & Baroque Po etry: VJane Gordon opens Sept 5, 7- 9:30pm

Hamilton Artists Inc.

Fall Openings at
Hamilton Artists Inc.


Brendan Fernandes, Rachel Hellner,
Kelly O’Dette, Kenneth Raddatz

Curated by Brad Isaacs
September 5- October 5, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday Sept. 5, 7-9:30 pm
Supercrawl: Friday Sept 13th and Saturday Sept 14th, 12-11pm
Kidscrawl: Friday Sept. 13, 11:30am- 3:30pm

Pack Moves, a meditation on human-animal relationships, addresses the notion of the individual versus the pack. The “packing” of animals performs a protective social function. However, in terms of taxonomies, thinking of animals as a species rather than as individuals affords them little in the way of self-determination. Grouped scientifically, animals are reduced to a physical description and a list of characteristics. Alternately, “unpacking” could be theorized as an animal being singled out from the group, as when hunted, or when recognized as an autonomous entity. The term also invokes the more literal, visceral reality of animal dissection, in addition to philosophical inquiry. What happens when animals are singled out? What lies in the resultant tense area of vulnerability and agency? The works in this exhibition, produced by Brendan Fernandes, Rachel Hellner, Kenneth Raddatz and Kelly O’Dette, gesture towards the implications of these problems, both for animals and for ourselves.

Brad Isaacs is an artist and independent curator based in London, Ontario. He received his BFA from McMaster University and his MFA from the University of Western Ontario (2012). He has exhibited at institutions such as the Ottawa Art Gallery, McIntosh Gallery, Katzman Kamen Gallery, Latcham Gallery, the McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton Artists Inc., The Print Studio, and Enriched Bread Artists. Isaacs has curated exhibitions at the Burlington Art Centre, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, and in several alternative spaces on James St. North, in Hamilton, Ontario.

Brendan Fernandes is a Canadian artist of Kenyan and Indian descent. He completed the Independent Study Program of the Whitney Museum of American Art (2007), earned his MFA (2005) from The University of Western Ontario and his BFA (2002) from York University in Canada. He has exhibited widely through a number of institutions both nationally and internationally. Fernandes was a finalist for the Sobey Art Award (2010), and was on the longlist for the 2013 prize. He was recently awarded a Robert Rauschenberg Residency Fellowship. Fernandes is based between Toronto and NY. Rachel Hellner lives in Victoria, BC. Born and raised in London England, she graduated in 1991 with a BFA Honours in Painting from Saint Martins School of Art, London. She received her Masters in Art Education in 2005 from at the University of Victoria, BC. She teaches at UVic and at the Vancouver Island School of Art, and is a studio member and Gallery Coordinator of Xchanges, Canada’s oldest artists’ co-operative. Kelly O’Dette is a practicing artist and video editor based in Toronto. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Master’s degree from Western University. She has deep respect for the analogue tradition and archives that she wantonly disrupts and encodes. Kenneth Raddatz lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He studied art at McMaster University and the Edinburgh College of Art, and law at the University of Toronto. He has exhibited at numerous institutions in Canada and abroad, with painting at the core of his practice. 

Cannon St. Gallery


Baroque Poetry
Thirty Hand Words Thirty Finger Words

VJane Gordon

September 5th – October 5th, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday Sept. 5, 7-9:30 pm
Supercrawl: Friday Sept 13th and Saturday Sept 14th, 12-11pm
Kidscrawl: Friday Sept. 13, 11:30am- 3:30pm

Baroque Poetry began with a story I had read or had dreamed about Pope Urban the VIII, Maffeo Barberini, the great culture vulture of high baroque Italy. At his Papal Court there were a group of writers and poets called the Purple Swans. They engaged in poetry creation like the surrealists engaged in drawing-but with a checkerboard pattern as an underlying structure. One swan would write a bit of white on black, another would write a bit of black on white and so on. These checker boards could be arranged and rearranged into numerous poetic algorithms sometimes carrying one wagon load of associative information and sometimes another.

My Baroque Poems simulate a checker board, filling it with associations from inside a “haptic system”. One Baroque poem is realized by lists of “hand words” (things we do with the action of hands) another is realized by “finger words” (things we do with the action of fingers).

The poetic algorithms have been digitized and inserted into the time dependent format of video. The time-structure of video rolls out a twinned robotic presentation of an algorithm that allows associations from the tender to the terrible. This robotic presentation of time is then reinterpreted in an original sound-scape that plunges the thinker/viewer/listener/ into the transmuted, infinitely variable, territory of human hands and fingers.

-VJane Gordon

James St. Gallery

Please Note: Hamilton Artists Inc resumes its regular operating hours as of Friday, September 6th. 

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