Experience captivating art & performances at the Hamilton SUPERCRAWL

The fifth annual Hamilton SUPERCRAWL has grown into two days of extraordinary, FREE immersive art experiences with an expected audience of over 80,000 people. This year will see a scrap metal carousel by Quebec ‘enfants terribles’ BGL, interactive LED sculptures by Brooklyn’s JASON KRUGMAN, pyrotechnics & fire waterfalls by CIRCUS ORANGE and much more!

Alexa Hatanaka & Patrick Thompson, String Games Mural, 2011.

Alexa Hatanaka & Patrick Thompson, String Games Mural, 2011.

The fifth annual Hamilton SUPERCRAWL takes place Friday, September 13th (6 pm – midnight) and Saturday, September 14th, 2013 (12 pm – midnight) in the James Street North area of Hamilton, Ontario. The two-day FREE art and music event showcases thirteen participatory artworks and performances by some of the area’s most exciting artists.

The festival presents the Ontario premiere of BGL’s full-scale functioning carousel artwork made from metal crowd control barriers. There will be brand new work by Brooklyn’s famed LED artist Jason Krugman. Visitors will experience the making of an outdoor wall mural by artists Alexa Hatanaka and Patrick Thompson and encounter slam poetry at its finest, courtesy the Burlington Slam Project.

Other festival highlights include a ‘superbrawl’ by the Hammer City Roller Girls, a romantic, post-punk fashion show on the street by Blackbird Studios and performances by traditional acrobatic troupe Zacada.

The festival’s thirteen commissioned art experiences also include a crystalline sculpture that gradually lights up and envelopes the corner of a building by Hamilton artists Connor Bennett and Kearon Roy Taylor, and SMOKELIFE, a cleansing, smoky environment by local artist Roy Caussy. Art becomes ‘one big joke’ in a mysterious performance piece by up & coming Toronto artists Sarah Beck and Shlomi Greenspan, while eerie glowing lightboxes by Toronto’s Elinor Whidden are powered by a gradually revving truck. Erika James’ project involves poetic sayings that will play out across crowd barriers throughout the festival. There are also numerous artworks and installations on display by local galleries that remain open during the festival.

PLUS: An evening of spectacular pyrotechnics by Circus Orange

Circus performance group Circus Orange introduces an evening of pyro-waterfalls, flying opera singers, confetti explosions and a gyrocopter on Saturday, September 14th.

Circus Orange,The Aviator Show.

Circus Orange,The Aviator Show.

For the media
Interviews are available with numerous artists, curatorial committee member and SUPERCRAWL co-founder Dane Pedersen and co-founder Tim Potocic.

SUPERCRAWL is an award-winning annual event that celebrates the diversity of Hamilton’s James Street North district, our multi-disciplinary arts community, and the incredible spark that results with our unique mix of cultures, businesses and creative people.

In 2009, SUPERCRAWL was initiated by a team of artists and community builders who wanted to see the monthly art crawl on James Street North expand to include music in a greater way, and to take full advantage of an entire street of cultural experiences.

Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or on the web.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Supercrawl
Twitter: @supercrawl and #supercrawl2013
Web: supercrawl.ca

Media contact:

Andrea Carson Barker
Festival publicist – ART
416 460 3818


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