Press Release- Toni Hamel: The lingering at the RMG


The Robert McLaughlin Gallery
72 Queen Street, Civic Centre
Oshawa, Ontario
905 576 3000

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The RMG announces a new exhibition of works on paper

Oshawa, Ont. – 9 September, 2013

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery announces the upcoming exhibition:

Toni Hamel: The lingering

14 September to 24 November

This fall, the RMG (Robert McLaughlin Gallery) presents Toni Hamel: The lingering . The exhibition is open to the public from 14 September to 24 November, 2013. Inspired by the banality and confinement of domestic life, Hamel explains that The lingering

“investigates women’s aspirations and in particular our quest for freedom from cultural, religious, societal, familial and psychological expectations and restrictions, whether deliberate or unintentional, real or perceived.”

This body of work, imbued with symbolism, irony and satire, is an illustrated commentary not only on Hamel’s own life, but of the shared experiences of women. Hamel’s subjects are explored in a monochromatic and delicate way through drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and installation. Her drawings in particular have a vintage, timeless quality. Objects representing the passage of time and materials traditionally associated with women’s crafts like embroidery, sewing, or watercolour, are included.

Hamel is open about her personal struggles as a woman and her work gives voice to the turmoil that can be associated with depression and the daily domestic grind. Although seemingly critical of domestic life, Hamel’s artwork is the artist’s peace-making with the conflict between her creative impulse and her domestic obligations—proving that her roles as wife, mother, and artist can coexist.

Visit the RMG on Sunday 15 September at 2pm for the opening reception of Toni Hamel: The lingering. The artist will speak. Curated by Sonya Jones.
Visit the RMG on Sunday 6 October from 1-3pm for an artist-led hands-on workshop. Work with mixed media to create a collaborative installation. Fee is a $5 suggested donation, all materials provided. Call or email the gallery to register.


The Robert McLaughlin Gallery is an art museum located in downtown Oshawa. The Robert McLaughlin Gallery is dedicated to sharing, exploring and engaging with our communities through the continuing story of modern and contemporary Canadian art.


Toni Hamel Homemaking 2013


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