Katzman Contemporary | COLLAPSE: A one-day performance by Francisco-Fernando Granados & Janet Jones | 86 Miller Street

to fall or cave in; crumble suddenly
to break down; come to nothing
to fall unconscious

spatial profiling (after Margaret Dragu’s ‘Eine Kleine Nacht Radio’).
Performed for Mayworks – Festival of Working People and the Arts, Toronto
Photograph by Manolo Lugo

Katzman Contemporary is pleased to present a performance by Francisco-Fernando Granados, in response to an installation by Janet Jones. Join us in our new space, pre-construction.

Saturday, September 21st, 2013
2 to 5pm, Canadian Art talk at 4:30pm

Francisco-Fernando Granados – hint
In 1973, Helen Frankenthaler exhibited Hint from Bassano in Toronto. The painting, a 7’1” x 18’11¼” acrylic on canvas, directly references Flight Into Egypt, a 1540 work by Jacopo da Ponte, known as Il Bassano. Frankenthaler collapses the allegory of exile painted by Il Bassano, translating it into a harmonious horizontal colour study. Tracing the trace of a trace, Granados’ performance takes its cue from Frankenthaler’s post-painterly surface as a means to create points of contact between allegory and translation, setting the stage for action.


idea of collapse operates as an observation on the behaviour and attitude of post-painterly abstraction in relationship to figurative Art History.

86 Miller Street Toronto
tel 647 991 9515

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