JACOB WHIBLEY ARTIST TALK : Sept 28th 3pm / FROHAWK TWO FEATHERS: Opens Friday Oct 4th 7-10pm


Join us for an Artist Talk with


Saturday Sept 28th at 3pm

Narwhal Projects invites you to join Jacob Whibley for an artist talk on Saturday, September 28 at 3 PM. Jacob will discuss his multi-faceted artistic practice with an emphasis on the works in his current exhibition, just a conspiracy of cartographers, then?. Employing collage, sculpture and drawing, Whibley harnesses information and experiences embedded within objects and forms by highlighting their residual traces, marks and histories. In combination, these charged formal structures simultaneously create asense of ambiguous temporality and familiarity despite their abstraction. Whibley will provide insight into his process, describe its evolution, and speak of the possibilities where its development could lead him in future artistic ventures.

» REVIEW: “A history of futures past” by Murray Whyte
» REVIEW:“Formalist Fusion” by David Jager

Excerpt from “Jacob Whibley: Collaging Contemporary Nostalgia” by Bill Clarke:

For the past six years, Toronto-based Jacob Whibley has produced a body of work that looks as if it could have been made in Europe between the two World Wars. This is not meant as a criticism, but as a comment on his on-going interest in specific aesthetics and art histories, and a fidelity to particular materials. Often working in the difficult, but far too easily maligned, medium of collage, the artist’s work to date is rooted in the language of early modernist art, architecture and design. Russian constructivism, the Bauhaus and de Stijl, and the artists affiliated with those movements − Wassily Kandinsky, El Lissitzky, Josef Albers and Piet Mondrian − clearly influence the sophisticated forms that Whibley’s work takes; however, his collages and sculptures are much more than simple exercises in homage.

» Read full essay

Exhibition runs to Sept 29th.

Jacob Whibley
the flat gift of subtraction

Polystyrene & walnut, 2013
12” wide x 18” long x 3.125” tall
the recent history of history part 1
Paper ephemera on panel, 2013
11″ x 22″
the recent history of history part 2
Paper ephemera on panel, 2013
11″ x 22″

October 5 – 27, 2013

Frohawk Two feathers

‘We don’t need no water’ Le temps de la Chevauchée

Opening reception:
Friday Oct 4, 2013

Join us for Frohawk Two Feathers first Canadian exhibition, We don’t need no water’ Le temps de la Chevauchée. Based in LA, Two Feathers creates historically researched narratives, offering an alternative to the Eurocentric, male-dominated story of Western civilization by inventing lives and stories for anonymous and unknown individuals, whose race, gender, or class rendered them overlooked by history.

For more information please contact the gallery.

Noel Middleton
Site specific Installation. Mixed media. 2013


ARtspin 4th Annual Art ExhIBITION

“… Given the unique environment, the participants who most succeeded in bring their game were those who built on what they found. I’m not sure what is accomplished by hanging a painting on a wall here; it seems no different that it would in a gallery. Making use of the space, as Lois Schklardid with her wire sculpture, is really what made this a memorable experience.Noel Middleton did it with a shrine to some abject geometric deity that looked like it might have been found here by the curators.”

Read Full Review on Akimbo here

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