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We are pleased to announce the opening of a pop-up exhibition space in New England this coming November in Brattleboro, Vermont, with innovative curatorial programming along with an off-site sculptural exhibition.  Slated to open Friday, November 1, a complete calendar listing of events will be updated on the website shortly.

CYNTHIA-REEVES continues to augment its platform in public art initiatives throughout the country, supporting artists in tandem with municipal efforts to amplify public awareness and engagement in immersive site-specific installations and monumental sculpture. Highlights of our Fall agenda can be found below, and please be sure to note our next round of art fairs; Art Toronto (October 24 – 28) and Art Miami (December 3 – 8). All of us at CYNTHIA-REEVES are very much looking forward to the upcoming year of exhibition and curatorial programming.

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“The Space in Between” – Santa Monica Beach, CA
Public Opening: Saturday, September 28, 7pm – 3am

“I’m interested in sculpting earth and sky, and placing ourselves in between. It’s the collision of heaviness and lightness, between our gravity-bound bodies which walk on sand, and the part of us which seeks to float in air, or in water.” – Janet Echelman.

Headlining GLOW 2013, the premier all-night art event that is free and open to the public, Echelman will unveil her latest multi-sensory immersive public experience, “The Space in Between” – a 200 ft-diameter diaphanous aerial sculpture and a 5-channel audio component.  The artist and her team will also collaborate with City Public Works staff to create carved sand indentations for visitors to enter and gaze up at the aerial sculpture. The event will take place along the boardwalk near Bay Street, and is  expected to draw more than 200,000 visitors, marking this as one of the largest public art events in the country. For additional information on Glow 2013, please visit the official website or contact the gallery.


DECEMBER: Janet Echelman to present the keynote address at the upcoming International Sculptural Symposium during Art Miami Basel, Monday, December 2, 2013 — For schedule and ticket information, please visit


“LIGHT/DARK” – Hudson River Park, NY
October 10 – Spring 2014

“Sandwiched between the bustling west side streets and the continuously interesting Hudson River, Pier 64 is an oasis of manicured landscape and natural beauty, in direct relationship with the waterfront. The Hudson River Park presents my first opportunity within an urban location to place work in a pristine greenspace  that is activated by the moving water at its western edge.  It is the perfect setting for a confluence of art, nature and urban landscape.”  Jonathan Prince
CYNTHIA-REEVES Projects and Hudson River Park Trust is pleased to announce the installation of two significant black granite sculptures by Jonathan Prince on October 10th, at Hudson River Park Pier 64. On view through Spring 2014, Red and Umbra, two signature works from Prince’s earlier stone series, are to be installed on the greenspace overlooking the Hudson River.  The exhibition’s title marks a reflective tone in the artist’s thesis, “the blackness of the material is important to me because it represents the absence of color – a darkness – the unknown.  The forms on the other hand are geometric – recognizable – perfected concepts whose boundaries are defined only by the lighted world around them.” This project is sponsored in part by ABC Stone, Brooklyn, New York, a strong supporter of contemporary stone sculpture.

“Instance of a DataSet” – Broad Institute, MA
Public Reception: October 15, 5:00 – 6:30pm

” I have always believed that the role of the artist is to offer his or her point of view so that those looking at the paintings may better intuit their own way of seeing.” – Daniel Kohn

“To develop his ideas, Kohn met Broad Institute scientists to discuss active research topics, from DNA sequencing to small-molecule drug discovery. He then painted free-form interpretations of what he had learned onto tile grids – usually arranged three by three, but sometimes in other configurations. Kohn digitized these to make more than 3,000 panels, of which about 1,400 are displayed at the institute at any one time. The name of the work describes the ‘instantiation’ of Kohn’s larger data set – its representation at any one moment in the material world.” To download the complete review in Nature Magazineplease click here.

“HIGH RISE” – Riverside Park, NY
On View Through May 2014

“Charles Ginnever’s piece High Rise (1984) is located on the lawn along the water at 145th Street in Riverside Park through March 2014. This exhibition marks Ginnever’s return to Parks, having exhibited in Carl Schurz Park in 1967 as part of Sculpture in Environment, one of the city’s first public art exhibitions. Charles Ginnever was born in San Mateo, CA in 1931. He is best known for his large-scale, open form works for the outdoors. He created the first of these in 1958 with abandoned railroad ties and structural steel. The result was a deconstruction of prevailing sculptural spatial concepts that he continues to examine. A contemporary of Mark di Suvero and Richard Serra, who also exhibit monumental steel pieces, Ginnever’s sculptures have a trick of the eye and appear to warp as someone looks at the pieces from different angles.”  ( NYC Art in the Parks)
The High Rise installation is a collaboration among CYNTHIA-REEVES Projects, the New York Department of Parks & Recreation, and Gayle Maxon-Edgerton, GME LLC.


“Lotus” – Union Square Park, NY
Exhibition Closing: October 30, 2013
“Those who make a hard living may be the ones who make this world a beautiful place. I certainly do not have the power to create ‘beauty’. I just hope to reveal the beauty in what is usually seen but not noticed. If one looks closely, one sees how beautiful simple elements can be.” – Jaehyo Lee

Presented by the NYC Parks & Recreation and CYNTHIA-REEVES Projects, in cooperation with the Union Square Partnership, this is your last chance to experience Seoul-based artist, Jaehyo Lee’s masterful iteration of hand carved, shaped and burned logs that stretches nearly 20 feet high into the city skyline.  Closing in on its six month run in one of the most sought after public art spaces in New York, “Lotus” will next travel to the Sarasota Season of Sculpture, a public outdoor museum of significant sculpture in November.

 Jaehyo Lee’s “Lotus” Reviewed in Artinfo


For  more information regarding the artwork represented by CYNTHIA-REEVES and
our upcoming exhibitions and curatorial projects, please visit our online gallery at:


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