October at Bau-Xi Galleries: Ted Fullerton/ Tracey Tarling/ David Leventi/ David Alexander/ Virginia Mak


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OCTOBER 3 – 17, 2013

Offering, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches, $8000 CAD

Opening Reception at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto: Saturday October 5th 2-4 pm, main floor, artist in attendance.

Ted Fullerton’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures are primarily symbolic in nature. In this exhibition, aligning the works with the season’s end, Fullerton intends to facilitate and associate the interpretation of myth and allegory with a humanist, social reality. For the first time, the artist will exhibit works created in various mediums together in a single exhibition. Fullerton’s works are included in several public and private collections including the Burnaby Art Gallery, Ontario College of Art & Design, and the University of Waterloo. More…

Ted Fullerton gratefully acknowledges the Ontario Arts Council.

OCTOBER 3 – 17, 2013

Nightingales and Night Songs, mixed media on panel, 48 x 48 inches, $7350

Opening Reception at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto: Saturday October 5th 2-4 pm, upper gallery.

Tracey Tarling creates work that reflects her interest in transformation, passages and regrowth. Using oil and plaster on wood, in an age-old technique, her surfaces suggest ethereal landscape of trees, leaves and rock; life cycles and watery curves. Fragile botanical fragments float and decay in the process of rejuvenation. Black marks heavily weighted in charcoal and graphite are sanded and scratched, with reference to process, struggle, and hope. Tracey Tarling studied painting and sculpture at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design. More…


OCTOBER 3 – 17, 2013

Hardly the Blues, acrylic on canvas, 57 x 66 inches, $12400 CAD

Opening Reception at Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver: Thursday October 3rd 6-8pm, artist in attendance.

Bau-Xi Vancouver is proud to exhibit the latest series by British Columbia based painter David Alexander. With an exhibition career spanning over four decades, and over 100 public and commercial gallery exhibitions, Alexander’s work is essential to the Canadian art dialogue.

Two distinct bodies of artwork emerge and work in tandem in this series, both of which have become synonymous with Alexander’s renowned technique and subject matter. The first: a macro abstracted look at reflections upon water; the second: a panoramic representational approach of British Columbia’s hillsides and valleys.

Doing studies in situ allows Alexander to soak in the particulars of a place, grasping not only its details but the feel of the environment. He explains that with Evidence of Place, he was looking at both sides: the micro and the macro, growth and decay, what has come before and what is to come in time. More…

OCTOBER 3 – 17, 2013

Of One’s Own 06, chromogenic print, 47 x 47 inches, $3850 CAD

Opening Reception at Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver: Thursday October 3rd 6-8pm, upper gallery, artist in attendance. Artist Talk: Saturday October 5th, 2pm.

Pushing photography beyond traditional limits, photographer Virginia Mak explores the visual possibilities of the medium. Known for its soft focus and minimized light values, her work disrupts the boundary between painting and photography.

Author Virginia Woolf proposes that for a woman to be able to write or create, she need be free of poverty, to have a room of one’s [her] own. This latest series by Mak consists of “interior” portraits where the woman is engaged in a quiet act. The title of this exhibition describes the physical setting wherein a woman frees her mind from clutter, finding time and space to ignite her imagination. Her gaze is at once outward and inward. “The external world — natural or manmade – encompasses a grander picture of life. The woman’s interior world may also imply her station, one of domesticity. The window is an opening. Unlike a door, it is a partial opening. The moment may be one of reflection, curiosity, excitement of the moment itself, or anticipating what lies ahead”. More…

Bau-Xi Vancouver is delighted that Of One’s Own is a feature exhibition in the Capture Photography Festival.

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OCTOBER 3 – 19, 2013

Papadopoli, 2013, Limited editions at 40×50, 50×60, 72×90 inches, fujicolor crystal archive print mounted to dibond.

Opening Reception at Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto: Saturday October 5th 2-4 pm, artist in attendance.

As an encore to his renowned opera house series ‘Bjoerling’s Larynx’, New York-based photographer David Leventi presents a new body of work documenting the interiors of palatial residences on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.  In ‘Palazzi,’ Leventi captures the allure of these private spaces by enticing the viewer with privileged glimpses of the opulent décor and rich furnishings within the historic buildings.  Using only the diffused light from the windows to illuminate each scene, these grandiose social spaces are rendered quiet and empty; the contents of the palazzi become hauntingly beautiful personifications of the Venetian aristocracy who are notably absent from each room.

Leventi’s photography has been widely published in TIME, Culture + Travel, Vanity Fair, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, FT Weekend Magazine, Esquire Magazine, BlackBook, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, Best Life, Forbes, I.D. Magazine, New York and LIFE Magazine. More…

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Coming up in Late October: Bratsa Bonifacho showing concurrently at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto and Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver. Heidi Leverty and Alistair Bell also at Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver, Michael Wolf at Bau-Xi Photo Toronto. Coming up in November: Guy Laramée and Andre Petterson at Foster/White.

Contact us for exhibition previews.


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