Barkley Exhibition in Ottawa


Opening Reception: Thursday, October 3rd 2013, 5pm – 8pm

Gallery 3 is pleased to present the most recent artworks by John Barkley.

Underneath the Surface runs from October 3-17 2013. We warmly invite you to join us for the reception, October 3rd 2013 from 5-8pm.

Through painting, John Barkley seeks out visual avenues to find a spiritual and existential meaning in a world that he views as becoming increasingly more threatening and alienating. Barkley asks, “Where do we go now to find that connective truth in a world that is continually deforested and polluted, and that exists in one of the billions of galaxies in the universe?” Like many artists of the past, Barkley uses the craft of painting to navigate through the transient obstacles and challenges towards a unification of concept and practice.

“Underneath The Surface” presents a unique and diverse body of work. The paintings share a commonality of being in play with the notion of something underneath, below, or hidden that lends to an opening up, or an exposing, of the earnest moments in life. Barkley invites us into many sites of entry through the representation, construction, and formation of the paintings. For Barkley, ways of seeing can be “as simple as an investigation of an under-painting left uncovered thereby revealing the archeology of image making, the representation of a view that might be obstructed, protected, or left raw, or the forms imbued with symbolic content may point to a cliff of endless contemplation”.

Barkley’s introspective approach to painting was formed while he studied at the University of Ottawa under Catherine Everett and Roland Poulin. Noted by art critics and theorist, Barkley’s surface application and methodology expands from a range of art-historical Canadian traditions, such as the seminal landscape’s of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, the Automatiste’s Paul-Émile Borduas and Jean-Paul Riopelle.

We are back to our fall hours:
SUNDAY – 11:00-4:00
MONDAY- Closed

Gallery 3
1281b Wellington Street W.
Ottawa, Canada
K1Y 3A8

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