Arta Gallery Newsletter Fall 2013

Welcome to our latest issue of Arta Gallery update. Arta Gallery invites you to experience 3 wonderful exhibitions, “nuit blanche 2013”, “ Beyond the Pale” and “ Wolfgang Kals” in the coming months.

Nuit Blanche 2013 @ Arta Gallery
Exhibition Period: Oct 5th, from 7pm – 2am
The nuit blanche 2013 will be held on Oct 5th, from 7pm to 2am. The show is curated by Fay Athari, featuring the talents of Tatiana Jennings, Thom Sokoloski, Sassan Nassiri, Semco Salehi, Mason Mummery and Ulla Laidlaw. showing works including light installations, live performance, video installations and projection. This unique collection of works would definitely shapes the theme of Nuit Blanche 2013. Come by and join us at the nuit blanche night!

Beyond the Pale
Exhibition Period: Oct 8th – Oct 22nd, 2013
Opening Reception: Thur Oct 10th, 6pm – 9 pm
An enormous selection of landscape and abstract paintings will be provided by
5 female artists who blend their eclectic styles and bright personalities speak a visual language all its own. They are Donna Andreychuk, Anna Clarey, Patrice Carmichael, Marlene Pape and Sharon Barr. S. Their passion of art has been reflected expressively by their painterly brush stokes and professionally use of colors.

Wolfgang Kals
Exhibition Period: Nov 6th – Nov 10th, 2013
VIP & Media Night: Nov 6th, start at 6pm
Opening Reception: Nov 7th , start at 6pm
Inspired by the body and famous personas, Wolfgang Kals used iconography to grasp his viewer’s attention, guiding the eye into his colorful and experimental practice. Kals’ imagery boasts many sizes and explores compelling notions of artistic practice and subject matter. This exclusive exhibition will also include prints by Chagall and Picasso as well as Chihuly glassworks from the Kennedy estate collection, and will serve as a glimpse into Kals’ life as artist and collector. Info and private viewings contact

Arta Gallery,
The Distillery District, 14 Distillery Lane,
Toronto, ON M5A3C4,

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