Gennadii Gogoliuk, Waiting for You


4 – 26 October 2013 Gennadii Gogoliuk – Waiting for You
Gennadii Gogoliuk — Waiting For You 4- 26 OctoberPrivate View: Thursday 3rd October 6-8pm. RSVP View catalogue
“When I go into the studio, it always seems to me that I am meeting my paintings for the first time, like strangers. They don’t recognise me, or a least they pretend not to. So I always put off the encounter, I have a coffee, a cigarette, then another coffee. I try to think of a new strategy, which will enable me to make my entrance inoffensively, harmlessly, as if I wasn’t even there…” Gennadii Gogoliuk.
Gennadii Gogoliuk was born in Rostov Oblast, Russia in 1960 and studied at the Lugansk School of Art in the Ukraine. He worked for several years at the The Mariinskii Theatre (now the Kirov) as a scene painter before winning a place to study Fine Art at the Leningrad Academy of Art in 1983. With the advent of perestroika and the lifting of censorship, Gogoliuk became increasingly aware of international avant garde art and his early experimental work increasingly brought him into conflict with the Academy which remained rigidly traditional in its teaching methods. Several times expelled from the Academy’s studios, he was eventually permitted to present a diploma piece allowing him to graduate in 1990. Apart from this one diploma work he had largely abandoned painting in favour of performance art, working alongside the radical collectives Tut I Tam and Gruppa Rabochego Deistviia and exhibiting in Russia, Denmark, Finland and Germany. In 1998 Gogoliuk moved to Edinburgh and began to paint once more now seeing his painting as being inextricably linked to his work as a performance artist and through it freed from his academic training. His work is in the collection of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
View documentary on the work of Gogoliuk.
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