Ingram Art News! ~ October 2013: Harold Town | Painters Eleven

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Harold Town

Abstract paintings at home? — why, yes you can. The embedded message of the Abstracts at Home show (Simpson’s Department Store, October 1953) was to support the break from academic tradition and embrace the new ideas of the day. Modernism was washing over North America; from the Abstract Expressionist movement in the United States, to Les Automatistes in Quebec, and Painters Eleven in Toronto — artists were banding together to launch campaigns of defense against the resistance from the public. The Abstracts at Home exhibition and following formation of Painters Eleven (1953-1960) are seminal moments in Canadian art history as they introduced and reinforced the primacy of the creative act.

Harold Town: 60th Anniversary of Painters Eleven opens this month at Ingram Gallery. We extend a special invitation for you to join us for our opening reception on Saturday, 5 October between 2pm and 4pm. Please read on in this new issue of Ingram Art News! for more information on this important exhibition, as well as other notable gallery news.

On The Walls


60th Anniversary of Painters Eleven
5 – 24 October . 2013

Opening reception: Saturday, 5 October | 2pm to 4pm

"This show celebrates the groups 60th anniversary by focusing on Town’s wildly energetic, luscious paintings." Toronto Life | Going Out (October 2013)

677.jpgThe confidence infused lines of Harold Town’s abstract works on view and available for purchase in this major exhibition support the title of Nowell’s 2010 book on Painters Eleven: The Wild Ones of Canadian Art (Douglas & McIntyre). Fearlessly pushing to new frontiers with boundless imaginations, the members of Painters Eleven garnered positive attention from Clement Greenberg and other influential art critics of their time.

Providing historical context through Painters Eleven period Harold Town masterpieces, this major exhibition at Ingram Gallery also includes vintage exhibition catalogues, books, photographs and studio ephemera. Works by fellow members of the historic collective are also included.

The gathering of artists under the umbrella of Painters Eleven was a fifties phenomenon (1953-1960) that was crucial to the development of the Toronto artistic scene and eventually to all of Canadian art. -Denise Leclerc

Please visit the exhibition show page here to learn and see more, including a link to the CBC archive video: Remembering Illustrious Artist Harold Town.


For purchase and further press information please enquire with the gallery.

Beyond the Ingram Walls

Home at PAMA
Anna Yuschuk exhibited her acclaimed Passage series in 2009 at the Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives (PAMA). A retrospective for Florence Vale (1909-2003) curated by Joan Murray was held earlier this year.

Most recently, PAMA unveiled Joseph Lammirato‘s new installation Home

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