Aqua Reliquia by Lynn Harrigan at Gallery 1313


Lynn Harrigan
October 30–November 10, 2013

Gallery 1313, 1313A Queen St. W., Toronto
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 2 | 4–7PM

October 7, 2013 – Toronto, ON – Fiber artist and poet, Lynn Harrigan, opens her multimedia exhibit, Aqua Reliquia, October 30 at Gallery 1313 in Toronto, marking the 100th anniversary of The Great Storm of 1913.

The result of a lifetime of fascination with the Great Lakes and The Great Storm of 1913, Aqua Reliquia will take the audience on a personal journey through the events and aftermath of the “white hurricane,” the deadliest storm ever to hit the Great Lakes.

“I first encountered the story of the Great Storm of 1913 during an exhibition at the Huron Historical Museum in Goderich, Ontario,” recalls Harrigan. “I was moved by the display of Captain Edward McConkey’s pocket watch and diary, vestiges of a life that ended tragically.” Interested in how these items function as both personal and historical artefacts, Harrigan began to study the many natural and historical connections to this seminal event in the region’s history.

Over the years, the story of the “white hurricane,” as it has come to be known, has become central to Harrigan’s experience of the Lakes. Driven to understand the story of Captain Edward McConkey’s life and his relationship to the Lakes within the context of this natural disaster, Harrigan has engaged in a long process of research and artistic response that has resulted in the creation of a series of poems and embroidered images.

A variety of processes were used to create a suitable ground for these embroidered images, including natural dyeing, eco-printing and screen printing. The images were inspired by sources both found (historical maps, scientific diagrams, etc.) and imagined.

Opening reception for Aqua Reliquia will take place on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at Gallery 1313, 1313A Queen St. W., Toronto, 4–7pm. Closing performance will take place on Saturday, November 10.

A surround-sound ambient audio environment by dreamSTATE will augment the fiber art, including live performances at the opening and closing receptions. Films by multimedia artist Scott M2 will also be interwoven through the installation.


About Lynn Harrigan

Lynn Harrigan is an artist and poet living in Toronto. Following the publication of her verse novel, Moon Sea Crossing (Black Moss Press, 2005), Lynn began to explore visual modes of poetic expression. Initial experiments with textiles ignited an obsession with embroidery, which soon became the focus of her artistic practice.

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