Press Release: Alex Fischer, Dry Pixels and Wet Molecules


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Dry Pixels and Wet Molecules
A solo exhibition of recent works by:


October 18 – November 16, 2013

©Alex Fischer, Disc, 2013

DATES: FRIDAY, October 18, 2013, 6 – 9 p.m.
Opening Reception

Artist will be in attendance

131 Ossington Avenue, Toronto.

Tuesday – Saturday, 11 – 6 and by appointment.
TELEPHONE: 416.413.9555


Alex Fischer’s latest body of work counter-poses the primordial origins of biology against today’s dominant technology-based vernacular. In earnest, the artist acknowledges through his practice elements peculiar to the time of his being. Put in alternative terms, Fischer concedes that the acts of being and becoming are wholly different now than at any time in our recent or distant past.

Dry Pixels and Wet Molecules poses a valuable and contemporary question using sensory terms-can the digital reconcile with the physical? The works of art comprising this materially varied exhibition reveal themselves as both answers to and instigators of this question. Through digital manipulations, sculpture, and installation, Fischer convinces his audience that technology is not simply an imbricate to the physical and the palpable but rather supersedes both.

The multi-modal moment in which art-making has found itself produces what could be called "moist media", a curious but worthwhile corollary to the McLuhan’s "cold media" of days past. Absorbing this idea, Fischer wedges himself between the dry, cold of the pixel and the wetness of biomolecules. Ultimately suggesting that we are living in a post-digital world, the artist exposes a tactility and precision with his imagery that in effect surpasses the daily surroundings we perceive with our own eyes and bodies.


ALEX FISCHER (b.1986, Walkerton, ON) is an artist and empirical philosopher living and working in Toronto, Canada. His work occupies the playing field where art, science, technology, education, culture, and consciousness intersect and interact. While being natively digital Fischer utilizes contemporary artistic techniques and manufacturing to make object spaces. His digital, print, and sculptural works translate harmoniously between their simulated and physical counterparts ultimately suggesting that we are living in a post-digital world.

Fischer graduated from York University with a BFA Honours in visual arts. His work is exhibited internationally and featured in noted private and corporate collections. Fischer is represented in Toronto, Canada by O’Born Contemporary.

O’Born Contemporary

131 Ossington Avenue

Toronto, ON M6J 2Z6

Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 6


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