Sally Ayre: Traces | Meghan Price: Fabrication | Heather Smith: Cut Wood – Opening Oct 18 @ Open Studio

For Immediate Release

Sally Ayre: Traces | Meghan Price: Fabrication | Heather Smith: Cut Wood

2012-13 Scholarship/Fellowship Exhibitions — October 18 – November 23, 2013
Artist talks: Friday, October 18, 6-7 pm followed by Reception from 7-9 pm

Toronto, ON – October 2013 – Open Studio is pleased to present the 2012-13 Scholarship/Fellowship Exhibitions from October 18 – November 23, 2013, featuring artists Sally Ayre (Nick Novak Fellowship), Meghan Price (Donald O’Born Family Scholarship), and Heather Smith (Don Phillips Scholarship). Each year, Open Studio provides artists working in print media with both professional support and access to studio facilities to create new work during a one-year period. All three artists will give illustrated talks about their work and the progress of their projects over the year on Friday, October 18 at 6 pm at Open Studio, followed by an opening reception.

Sally Ayre, Traces #1,Cod Stamp (Installation Detail), screenprint on Ikenora, installation size 120” x 40”, 2013.
Created under the auspices of Open Studio’s Nick Novak Fellowship.

Sally Ayre’s Traces revolves around a collection of family letters, botanical drawings and the artist’s collection of scanned objects and photographic images. The work examines Ayre’s Newfoundland roots and the landscapes and objects that construct the memory of place. Combining framed works and two installation pieces, Traces unites historical and contemporary images of plants and the sea. Containing remnants of the past and the present, the exhibition focuses on the imagery that triggers memory—souvenirs of the artist’s childhood home and images of Newfoundland’s past.

Meghan Price, Geopotential, wire drawing, 5" x 12", 2013.
Created under the auspices of Open Studio’s Donald O’Born Family Scholarship.

Meghan Price’s work marries explorations of material and textile construction techniques with the contemplation of less tangible, complex systems. Guided by wonder and improvisation, hers is a process of thinking through making that produces what she regards as poetic diagrams. The work in Fabrication explores the mapping of patterns and, in the process, creates new patterns that describe their own fabrication. The works offer traces of Price’s movements, and in so doing, suggest shifts in understanding space and time.

Heather Smith, Wallpaper I, hand-coloured woodcut, 39” x 43", 2013.
Created under the auspices of Open Studio’s Don Phillips Scholarship.

In Cut Wood, Heather Smith explores our perceptions of landscape, and specifically old growth forests—we imagine groves filled with dappled light and birdsong, or alternately, clear-cut hillsides: devastation and ruins under a heavy grey sky. But Smith’s woods—inspired by Golden Age illustrations for children—are both at once: wilderness and work, habitat and production, growth and destruction. The work shows a reverence for the land and its beauty; the idealism of living and working with the land; and an awareness of the unsustainable destruction in which we participate, as all existing together.

Although the work presented in these three exhibitions appears quite different, as St. Catharines, ON-based artist and writer Ashley St. Pierre points out in the accompanying essay, the common thread between them is a relationship to shifting perceptions of time and space and a reflection on the effects of those shifts on our identity, sense of place, and our ways of understanding the world around us.

Click here to download a copy of the exhibition brochure, including full artist and writer biographies.


Open Studio
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 104
Toronto ON M5V 3A8

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