John Martin Gallery FILMS

Martin Finnin studio film. September 2013.
Films and Interviews
An ongoing series of short studio films and artist interviews is now available on our website. Films produced so far include profiles of John Caple, Andrew Gifford, Mark Adlington, Leon Morrocco, Olivia Musgrave, Fred Yates, Gennadii Gogoliuk and, most recently, a film on the work of Martin Finnin to accompany his next exhibition. These short films give an insight into the ideas of each artist, their working practice and their environment. Over the next few years the gallery aims to present a comprehensive online archive of short films and interviews.
Andrew Gifford, London Paintings, June 2012
Fred Yates, archive film and interviews, 2010
John Caple, Somerset, 2011
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Our mailing address is:
John Martin Gallery38 Albemarle St
London, England W1S 4JG United Kingdom


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