Opening Reception: Nicole Katsuras, November 2, 1-5pm


Nicole Katsuras

Chroma National

opening reception:

Saturday, November 2, 1-5pm

Nicole Katsuras
Chaser, 2013
oil on canvas
48 x 60 in.
Chroma National is an exhibition of modernist abstract painting that seeks to draw comparison between maximalist image making and the remnants that are left on the earth’s surface following the passing of an ecological or anthropological presence. The equation makes parallels of environmental emergents like valleys, riverbeds, and doline formations beside my individual method of paint application, itself a thing in possession of an aggrieved compulsion piling eventually into awesome concord; discordant strata intact and between seams visible.

The initials of the show’s title allude deliberately to the Canadian National Railway. The paintings are about the distance between two points, and that to move between them is to be a maker of marks.

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Distillery District, 7 Tank House Lane, Toronto, Canada M5A 3C4

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