1 Month Art Show at Artscape Triangle Gallery for Ann + Carl Beam

Full Circle: The Art of Ann and Carl Beam

Dates of Show: Until November 26

Where: Artscape Triangle Gallery 38 Abell St, Toronto

Hours: Monday: By appointment, Tuesday-Thursday: 1-7, Friday: 1-9, Saturday: 12-9, Sunday: 12-5

The West Backline represents two internationally acclaimed artists, Ann Beam and Carl Beam.

Even though Carl passed into spirit in 2005, his art reputation has grown by leaps and bounds. It has continued a life of its own, traveling all across Canada and into the United States, in a 3 year retrospective launched by the National Gallery of Canada.

Ann’s exhibition record has spanned the US and Canada as well. Her current solo exhibition at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery is titled “The Engine Room”.

The gallery also carries a rotating inventory of antiques and collectibles, along with jewelry, fashion and furniture from local designers.

Featured Artists: Ann Beam + Carl Beam

Website: westbackline.ca

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