Screening | Network Consciousness | Nov 12 at 5:00 pm


NETWORK CONSCIOUSNESS: Screening of Light On (Flash Light), 2013 by LUIS JACOB

NOVEMBER 12, 5:00pm

Presented by SBC Gallery in collaboration with Vidéographe and Vithèque

SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, in association with Vidéographe and Vithèque, present a one-night event at SBC on Tuesday, November 12at 5:00 pm to launch Vidéographe’s Network Consciousness, a series of multi-venue exhibitions that compliment an online video program. In a time when virtual environments are omnipresent, artist and independent curator Felicity Tayler attempts to link physical and online events.

This one night event presenting a new work by Toronto artist, Luis Jacob, is unique and limited in time and space, but nonetheless will be shared, or networked, over time to a wider audience who is also undergoing a similar experience in other locations and on different platforms.

The program was first introduced on Videographe’s on-line platform on Thursday October 24th. Network consciousness is a selection of videos evoking metaphors related to the concept of network. Including La Consommation (1973) an animated educational video produced by the anonymous collective Bloc Coop, andRéaction 26 (1971) by Charles Binamé which blurs the distinctions between the natural and built environment. Simon Brown, Darsha Hewitt, Skawennati and Marisa Jahn’s work will be also presented in the program. Luis Jacob’s recent work Light On (Flashlight) (2013) returns to the concept of the network as an activity of circulation.

Network Consciousness will also include the presentation of events from Saturday, February 28 to Saturday, March 8 at Art Metropole (Toronto) and on Wednesday, February 19 at Residency Unlimited (Brooklyn).

Felicity Tayler provides a reflection on our relation to representations of contemporary networks, highlighting this influence on our daily thoughts and behaviors. The concept of network has long been used to describe the tangle of technologies of transportation

and communications, and proves today is pervasive due to social media and other technologies that augment our lives.

For more info, click HERE

SBC galerie d’art contemporain
372, rue Sainte-Catherine O., suite 507
Montréal (Qc) H3B 1A2

Trevor Paglen
Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal
7 septembre – 9 novembre 2013
September 7th – November 9th, 2013!coming-soon/c1wmg

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