Upcoming January Exhibition at Bau-Xi Galleries

For immediate release:

Two significant exhibitions coming up at Bau-Xi Galleries this January:

Left: Alex Cameron, Right: Chris Shepherd


January 11 – 25, 2014: Alex Cameron

Show title: Seasons

Opening Reception: Saturday January 11, 2-4pm, artist in attendance

Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto is thrilled to have a beautiful selection of new work by renowned Canadian painter Alex Cameron. Cameron’s highly textured, exuberant style adds dynamic interest to the traditional Canadian landscape. With an exhibition career spanning three decades, Cameron is celebrated as a well-known contemporary painter with an exceptional outlook on the world. His paintings are in many museums, corporate and private collections and catalogues.


January 11 – 25, 2014: Chris Shepherd

Opening Reception: Saturday January 11, 2-4pm, artist in attendance

Born in Grimsby, Chris Shepherd started off his artistic career as a painter, and turned to photography as a means to familiarize himself with Toronto, a city he initially felt very separate from. It was this process of exploration that piqued Shepherd’s interest in urban landscapes and led to a long-running fascination with the often passed-over or under-appreciated tableaus of metropolitan life. The serenity and reserved nature of Shepherds photographs are a sharp juxtaposition with the locations they are depicting. Shepherd captures fleeting moments in time, whether a brief moment of tranquility in the perpetual cycle of arrivals and departures on the Toronto Subway system, or the period of time between tenants in commercial buildings

B A U – X I G A L L E R Y

340 Dundas St West

Toronto, ON

M5T 1G5





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