Thursday, November 21: ArtSci Salon at the Fields Institute

ArtSci Salon at the Fields Institute

iRon Artist + iJoe Scientist = OncoMap

Wild & Geraci, OncoMap, via Flickr (click for full set)

Thursday, November 21, 6:30-8:30pm
Fields Institute
222 College St, Toronto, M5T 3J1

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Join us for the next ArtSci Salon to explore visual mapping, mathematics and medical data.

Ron Wild and Joseph Geraci have been collaborating to fuse their interests and disciplines into the creation of the “OncoMap”. The process consists of folding, pulling, transforming and combining images until a coherent and lively image emerges. Joseph Geraci employs a similar mental process in his own work where he combines mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and computer science in order to unravel the workings of our molecular circuitry. Together, they decided to create an art piece that dealt with cancer from a scientific / medical perspective in Ron’s style, being careful not to be too literal but clearly including established and novel information about oncology.


Ron Wild

Artist and Engineer, “smART Map”

Ron Wild creates intense, multi-dimensional "smART Map" collages. He is an emerging explorer at the art and science frontier, who bridges the divide between the two. With a foot firmly planted in each camp, Ron Wild is a western-Canadian Digital Art / Science Collaborator, currently working in downtown Toronto.

Joseph Geraci

Toronto General Hospital @ Psychiatry and Queen’s University

Dr. Joseph Geraci is a mathematical physicist working in medicine and drug discovery. He uses mathematical structures to strip away the cacophony of noise that is inherent in medical data sets where the goal is the ability to predict the most effective treatment for individual patients. He utilizes graph theory, topology, geometry, statistics, dynamical systems theory and beyond.

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